Folderit Document Management System Software Tutorial

Here you can find video tutorials of the most important functions in Folderit DMS.
The topics covered are:
  1. Adding users, creating user groups and sharing files/folders/account
  2. Managing the Main Sections
  3. Adding metadata
  4. Adding custom metadata fields
  5. Versioning / File history
  6. Document check-in/Check-out
  7. Approving Documents (Approval Workflow)
  8. Audit Trails
  9. Previewing documents online
  10. Automated notifications
  11. Inbox / E-mailing documents to the DMS
  12. Linking files with Related Files feature
  13. Sub-accounts

Scroll down to see all of them!

1. Adding Users, Creating User Groups and Sharing

Do you want to add collaborators to your DMS system, create groups of users and share resources  — files, folders, sections or your whole account to them? Here you go:

2. Managing the Main Sections

This is how to get started in Folderit document management system software. You can learn what are the main section (main folders) in Folderit, how to change their names, how to delete them and add you own.

3. Adding Metadata

This is how you can add metadata to your uploaded files. There are several default metadata fields like Title, Tags, Signers, Notes, Date and Due date. You can also add your own custom meta data fields, for that see the next video. All metadata fields are instantly searchable.

4. Adding Custom Metadata Fields

Adding your own custom metadata fields is easy in Folderit!

5. Versioning

Need to keep several versions of the same file as a history of changes? You can easily do that.

6. Document Check-in / Check-out

Are you worried someone could make changes in a document that you are working on and create a mess of unsynced versions? Just check-out your document, effectively locking it for other users to modify. They will see who locked it and when will it be automatically unlocked (6 hours) if you don’t unlock it first.

7. Approving Documents

Do you need to get approvals to a document before your next steps? Do you need to get invoices approved prior to payment or some vacation applications approved or company rules agreed by all employees? Use the automated approval workflow!

8. Audit Trails

Every action you or any of your collaborator takes in your system is logged and can be seen individually per every folder (including Main Sections) and file. This is where you can find the function and how it works:

9. Previewing Documents

You can preview PDF and Words documents as well as images in Folderit without downloading them first. Even Photoshop PSDs are supported! File preview shows the first 10 pages of any given document. To see more, please download the file!

10. Automated Notifications

You will love the notifications’ functionality. You can set to get notified about each event that takes place in your account if you want to. When ever someone adds a new file for example. Or delets something. Youy choose which events are important to you and if you want to get notified about them at the moment they happen or as a grouped notification overview once a week at the time you choose. Or, you can choose not to be notified at all

11. Inbox

You can send files to Folderit via e-mail too, or share your  account’s address to your partners to allow them to send files to your Folderit Inbox.

12. File Linking with Related Files function

If you happen to need to connect a document with another, to add a related file to the one you have and can’t just have them in the same folder then see how to connect files here:

13. Sub-accounts

You can have several sub-accounts within your one Folderit DMS subscription. Use them, if you need — each sub-account will get a separate Inbox incoming e-mail address.