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How Secure is Folderit?

With its regular pentests, 2-Factor Authentication, bank-level 256-bit encrypted EV SSL connection, encrypted triple backed-up storage and regular pentests, Folderit is highly secure. Privacy by design and by default.

Real-time security report can be checked here:

Safety and privacy of our customers’ data is everything to us. With a single lapse in security procedures we would lose the trust of our customers – our most important asset. Our clients include financial organizations, law offices and medical institutions among others that need our complete attention on security measures. 

All connections on the public and internal networks are done over SSL encryption. We are monitoring login attempts to our system, while all the developers work with absolutely no access to client data. Folderit is an official Amazon AWS Select Technology partner and our solution is built on top of Amazon Web Services infrastructure. 

For file storage we use their S3 service which has 99.999999999% durability of objects over a given year. Every object is stored in three physically separate Availability Zones. In conjunction with daily snapshot and transaction log the data is effectively backed up in real time and can be restored to any point in time.

You can also set your own password policy (including requirement to use 2FA) to your team members and only allow passwords of your chosen length to be used. And you can also set a time for mandatory password change for all users.

GDPR compliance is part of our privacy policy, the list of sub-processors is published and for enterprises plans a separate Data Protection Agreement (DAP) can be signed.

Contact us for any questions about security and privacy.