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Folderit Gold and Platinum (and Trial) plans come with DocuSign electronic signing and XAdES (ASIC-E and BDOC) advanced digital signature integrations built-in. It means documents stored in Folderit can be easily electronically signed. You can send documents to be signed by Folderit users and external people by adding their email address to the e-signing flow.

Signing with DocuSign

As it is an integration with a third party, you will need a separate DocuSign account and e-signing ‘Envelopes’ you have purchased. Each electronic signing flow (either with one signer or several) will consume one Envelope.

To start signing, first you need to connect your Folderit account with you DocuSign account. To do that make sure you have logged in with your organizer account (paying account or the first Trial account of your company that invited other users) and go to My Profile > Integrations > DocuSign. But the system will also prompt you to do that when you try to start your first e-signing flow. You can also create folder-level e-sign automations.

  1. Click on a file name to get to the detail view. On the right side you will see a blue button called ‘Start DocuSign workflow’. Click it!
    If you haven’t connected your account to DS yet, the system will guide you to do that. If your accounts are connected you will see an e-signing modal.
  2. Add emails of the poople you need to sign the document one-by-one, clicking on ‘Invite’ button after inseriting each email.
  3. After everyone who need to sign the document have been added, confirm that you understand your DS Envelope will be consumed by this action by checking the box.
  4. Then click on ‘START ELECTRONIC SIGNING FLOW’. Please wait a little until the services communicate. When the buttons disappear the email invitations have been sent out to signers.

OPTIONAL: You can also toggle on the ‘Move after signed’ function and choose a folder where the document will be put after it has completed the e-signing workflow.

NOTE: The owner of DocuSign account/subscription will be notified via email about each document sent to e-signing flow: that user has viewed and that user has signed. This notification is coming from DocuSign, so it can’t be controlled in Folderit’s notification settings but under your DocuSign account.

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