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All plans include:
Sharing to Collaborators & Groups

You can easily share your documents, folders or the entire account with anyone you want to. The "Previewer" permission allows people to only preview the document and not download. “View” permission allows people you share data with to see and download the document while the “Edit” permission allows them to edit the document’s metadata. "Editors" of any folder can also add files into it! You can optionally add an expiration date/time when sharing and activate a public link you can share with anyone.

Automatic Alerts & Audit Trail

You can even set automatic notifications to alert you about any changes made to documents, folders or specific sections of your account whenever you want to. Audit log is recorded and you can see the log of changes for every folder and file!

Add Metadata and File Relations

You have the ability to add your own metadata including tags, date, notes, signers, and due date for a better document organization and management. You can also add your own metadata fields, on folder-level too!

Multiple File Versions

The system allows you to add a new version of an existing document while retaining the existing metadata as well as all the previous versions of the document. You can easily recover previous versions with a single click. There’s even a document check-in/check-out feature that can be used to block access to the document when you are editing it.

Set Up Reminders

If you need a specific notification at a given time and date, you can easily do it by setting up a reminder. You can have as many reminders as you want, each connected to a specific email address.

Impressive Live-Search with OCR

Use the powerful built-in search feature to locate documents by name, title, and metadata such as signers and tags. OCR content search is able to index even text found in images, PDF or Office files making their content fully searchable!

Dedicated E-mail Address

You get a dedicated email address for every account role. You can send or forward any email message to that address and any attached file in the email will end up in your Folderit inbox. This helps to save documents on the go.

Additional Account Roles

You can add account roles in your primary account besides the unlimited hierarchy you are allowed to create in one account. The additional roles can be for your company as well as for other personal activities that you wish to share with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Easy Access to Documents

You can access your documents from anywhere in the world via a PC, smartphone, Mac, or tablet as long as it is connected to the Internet.

Create a Local Backup

Your documents are always securely stored in our cloud storage but you can download individual files or folders or even the entire account if you want and create a local backup on your hard drive.

Secure Document Storage

We ensure that your data is encrypted and securely stored in the cloud and every file is sent through a secure SSL layer.