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How Approving Documents Works?

Anyone with Editor permissions can start an approval of a single file or create an approval automation on folder level in Folderit. Both Folderit users and non-users can participate as Approvers. In case of non-user the approver’s email address and IP is recorded in audit log.

If you are invited to approve a document, you will receive an email invitation with a link to the document. This is how it looks for Approver:

As you can see, the Approver can Download and Preview the document; add a Comment and optionally add a File to their decison.
They can also see who else has been invited to approve the document, and their decisions.

Approvers who also have a registered user in Folderit can see a list of all dcouments that need their approval and can access their approval history. Account administrators can also see a report of all documents that are in the middle of approval and who’s decision is required next.

Documents Awaiting Your Approval

document for approval in document management system

Your Approval History