Virtual Data Room Software

Folderit’s documentation solution is ideal for Virtual data room software (VDR) applications. VDR is an online software solution that companies can use to transfer sensitive information, manage confidential documents, or conduct business through a ubiquitous, highly secure, reliable, and paperless system. Folderit can help ensure security and privacy for virtual data room for M & A (mergers and acquisitions), virtual data room for due diligence and virtual data room for startups.

Secure Transmission and Storage on VDR

Virtual Data Room Software Folderit screenshot

Virtual Data Room Software is for when companies need an environment to conduct secure data transmissions, such as:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Fundraising operations
  • IPO
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • IP Management
  • Audits and compliance
  • Clinical trials and similar medical applications
  • Investment Banking and other financial institutions
  • Legal Firms and litigation document management purposes

To name just a few use cases.

All of Folderit’s documents are protected by a hyper-secure, 256-bit bank-level encryption, that is triple backed up. All of this prevents any unauthorized access to your system or offer protection against any risk of data loss. Also, all transmissions between parties in this virtual data room software are protected by SSL encryption, so you are not exposed to any security risks.

Flexible workflow permissions and management

If a company is to work on a clandestine deal, or a project that needs the utmost privacy, Folderit gives clients the option of varying degrees of access for users or user-groups. To ensure privacy and compliance, Folderit can be used as virtual data room software to grant unlimited access to certain users, read-only access to others and preview only access to some and none to everyone else. 

This way, collaborators can coordinate with each other to focus on the work, supervisors can keep checks and Preview-only access can keep other stakeholders apprised, without introducing unwarranted interference to the system.  

Folderit also lets you configure your workflow such that only one person can work on a single item, at a time. The file will lock anyone else out and display a message that the file is locked, featuring the active user’s ID and timestamp. 

You can also configure files to retain versions as they evolve. Each version will carry unified metadata as it evolves, so you can easily revert to an older version of a file if the need arises. Folderit gives you complete control over how much access you grant to whom, so you are exactly are protected as you want to be.

Granting access for a limited time via sharing expiration 

Virtual Data Room Software Audit Trail Screenshot

Preparing documents in virtual data room software means some content will only need to be shared for a limited time or might even require deletion after a certain amount of time has elapsed. In legal matters and large-scale corporate exchanges, a document surviving past a certain timeline could turn into liabilities. To accommodate these scenarios Folderit lets you put an expiry date on how long a document or folder is shared with users. After your configured time has elapsed, the document or folder will no longer be viewable by the other party.

In certain cases, you might want to erase the document altogether, Folderit lets you configure that as well. Just set an expiry date on a file and when the time comes, it will cease to exist altogether.

Audit trail with timestamps

With all the security and safety integrating with your company’s SOPs, Folderit takes all of these virtual data room software features even one step further by letting you monitor who has accessed which document, through audit-trails.

Folderit lets you view the audit history of every file to see which user accessed which file at what time. The username and timestamp will display on each file, so you may better coordinate with your teams. You can also filter out and display all actions taken by a certain user.


Folderit is a powerful, yet flexible software solution designed to accommodate virtually any use case for virtual data room (VDR) software application. It is accessible from any web-enabled device anywhere in the world. Folderit can help you remain secure, connected, flexible and accomplish any task, no matter how sensitive or private. Folderit accomplishes all this at a much more affordable price-point. With Folderit, your files are protected & tracked, but still as accessible as you want them to be.

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