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Retention Period Automation

By default all your files are stored infinitely. But you can easily add a custom retention period for files in any folder, or for specific single files. The documents will then be automatically moved to recycle bin or permanently deleted based on your settings after they have reached a certain age.
Retention period management is available in Medium and Tailor plans.

To set up retention period for all files in a folder (and optionally its subfolders):

  1. Locate the folder in the list view
  2. Click on the settings (gear) icon
  3. Choose ‘Retention’ from the dropdown menu
  4. Choose ‘Active’ to activate, and set a retention period for files. Click ‘Advanced’ to see more options.
  5. Choose action: sending to recycle bin or permanent deletion
  6. Choose if you want these retention settings to be applied to sub-folders as well
  7. Click ‘Save’

You can set exceptions for any folders and files affected by your higher-level settings. Just locate the file or folder you want to excempt and choose ‘Retention’ from the drop-down menu. This displays the current settings and two ways of overriding them. Choose ‘Active’ for custom retention period for that file or folder or choose ‘Inactive’ to keep the file/folder infinitely.

TIP: To display retention time left in list view, configure one of the list columns to display “Retention end”.
TIP 2: To see a list of all files that are nearing their retetion end, go to ‘Dashboard & Reports’ view.

Here’s a video tutorial about how retention settings work in Folderit DMS