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Audit Trail / Audit Log of all account events

This allows you to see the account’s total audit log. To access it, log in as an account administrator, locate the Admin Tools in the lower left side and click on More Tools > Audit Log.

From there, you can filter the events based on date, user, scope (file, folder, account), or any of the specific actions.

You can, for example:

  • See a list of all actions taken by a certain user
  • See a list of all deleted files/folders from last Tuesday
  • See a list of all downloaded files on a certain date
  • See a list of all relocated folders
  • See a list of all account level events like new users added or removed from the system

Every event has a time stamp with precision of 1 second. You can download the Audit Log as a .Xlsx, .Ods or .Csv file.
NB: Make sure your users have the correct Time Zone selected under their Profile settings.

Here’s a video tutorial about using global Audit Log:

Account level events include:

  • Who and when has added or removed any team members
  • Who and when has added/removed/modified an user group
  • Who and when has shared the whole account to someone
  • Who and when has changed any permissions on current account-level sharing
  • Who and when has added/deleted/modified any of the Main Sections
  • Who and when has restored something from the Recycle Bin
  • Who and when has removed something from the Recycle Bin
  • Who and when has added/deleted/modified a metadata field anywhere under the account
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