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Adding Administrators / Granting Account-Level Access

If you want some people to have access to every resource (file, folder, section) under your account, you can grant them an account-level access. Usually management and owners of an organization would be given access on this level.

As with every other resource sharing, you can also share to user groups and use sharing expiration. You can also choose between three permisison levels:

  • Preview — Preview-only permission that allows seeing everything under your account but only as an in-system preview. They cannot download, modify or add anything.
  • Viewer — Preview & Download permission that allows your collaborators to both use the in-system preview function and also download everything under your account.
  • EditorThis is the administrator level. Giving someone Editor permission for your entire account will create another account administrator who is able to do everything you can under that particular account. They can see and modify all resources and access the Admin Tools. This means they can also empty Recycle Bin to permanently delete resources, invite/manage users and user groups and share the whole account to other users.
    The original account owner remains the paying account, this status can’t be shared or transferred.