Medical Document Management Software

Medical document management software for clinics is even more essential than DMS systems regularly are. And Folderit has extensive list of healthcare insitutions using the plaform (ask for references).

When compared to any other work environment, healthcare workers have to deal with the most amount of documents making it a constant struggle to break through the piles of information. In addition, they have to deal with strict privacy and security laws holding them accountable for information management.

This, combined with clinical responsibilities and working long hours can be pretty nerve-wracking. Even though most modern facilities already have a data management system at their service, they usually are a challenge to operate. Unlike Folderit.

Medical Document Management

Being a doctor you are always on your feet and having to choose between dedicated patient care and dealing with piles of information should be out of question. If you are having trouble keeping all your medical notes, case files, important and personal patient data organized, then Folderit medical document management system software is the perfect solution to all your organizing and document management needs.

It is a DMS that can be used by people of all fields, especially those working in healthcare and medicine. It aims to bring a secure, inexpensive and user-friendly document managing system to the sector. Founded in 2014, Folderit has been serving medical professionals, practitioners, students, nurses, pathology lab workers and hospital staff for over 10 years. It has become the clinical record management system of choice due to a vast array of features that it offers.

Record Management System for Clincs

User-friendly DMS 

True to its word, Folderit has been ranked higher than both Dropbox Business and Box, on the basis of ease of use. More than 500 different Data Management Software (DMS) were evaluated, out of which, Folderit nabbed the first position. This ranking was partly based on the total number of clicks and the time it took in seconds to complete a basic task. The data was collected over two test runs to check for consistency and reliability. If you are healthcare worker, it is easy to feel overworked and drained out of energy after working long shifts. Folderit is easy to use and additionally, there is no room for errors in contrast with manual data management.

Fast and Smart Browsing 

Folderit has also been deemed faster than its competition in the DMS lane. Smoother and faster uploading and downloading saves time for medical professionals and allows them to spend it on important clinical tasks. The advanced search tools help you find documents not only by their file names but content too — PDFs, Word Docs, screenshots and images are made searchable thoroughly. The best part is that it allows you to manage your data from anywhere so you do not need to sit in the hospital for anything other than clinical work. It’s also easy to share some documents securely to other institutions or your patients.

Record Management for Clinics

Go Green 

It is especially difficult to keep up with new and latest updates in the medical field as more and more information is being gathered by research, and by practice. For a practitioner, it is a daily job to learn by doing. However, all those mounds of information can become muddy. It is also not environmentally friendly to waste so much paper while taking notes. Saving your information electronically is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. It is also cost friendly as paperwork costs health care industry in billions annually.

Unlimited Space for Unlimited Data 

Your device’s limited memory space can only serve you so much. It is essential to stay organized to be light-footed. With Folderit, you can keep storing your important notes, research articles, case files and photos without worrying about running out of storage space — you can always get more from us as a custom plan. The online Folderit cloud will serve you well.

Secure Storage 

All files uploaded to Folderit are encrypted, so you – the customer – can be sure of your safety and confidentiality. Case files, vignettes, notes, schedules and anything else that you upload to the cloud are sent via an SSL layer and encrypted with 256-bit encryption, which is the standard and latest encryption being used. You can rest easy as you trust us with your confidential documents. The latest surge in crypto ransomware attacks against hospitals around the world have highlighted Folderit’s resilience. Your data is safe from such attacks on our platform. While patients’ privacy is protected with GDPR and HIPAA compliance.

Keeping a single copy of files can be risky, especially if your device malfunctions. All your data is triple backed up so you have no chance of losing it to any unforeseen circumstance. And, we have made it very easy for you to keep a lopcal copy if you need.

Access Control 

If you are an individual or an organization working on a project, one single Folderit account can cater to all your needs. A shared account among fellows can be maintained with discipline. You will be able to monitor the entire log of files being accessed, every action taken by anyone in the system, such as previewing, editing or downloading a file. Every single action is logged and timestamped.

Clinical Record Management System 

Health record management

Electronic medical records tend to keep piling up just like manual ones on paper. This is why they must be kept organized into folders and subfolders. As an electronic health records management system, Folderit allows the user to not only make use of preset folders – like Projects, Partners, Accounting and Human Resources – but they can also customize them according to their needs by deleting, renaming and adding folders of their choice. Organizing data, research, books and patient files by year is a great way to keep track of advancements in learning. Moreover, splitting each organ system, e.g. gastroenterology, orthopedics, rheumatology, neurology, cardiology, ophthalmology, gynecology, obstetrics, otorhinolaryngology, surgery, medicine, etc., can make it easier to study and review notes by specialty. 

Each folder can hold subfolders of their choice. The user has complete command over the customization of metadata as well. Files can be described by date of creation, the name of the creator of any other category that they prefer. You can add as many custom metadata fields as you need. Metadata can also support links that make it easier to view sources. To understand how to access Folderit, you can watch this demo.

This advanced feature with attention to detail can come in very handy for an electric patient record management. Sorting patient files can be very brain-wracking, especially when they need to be constantly looked up now and then during follow-up appointments, or should another hospital need a specific patient’s records for their evaluation and treatment. Folderit makes finding specific records seamless not only by a super-fast browsing but also with its excellent clinical record management system.

Automatic Retention 

To keep things flowing smoothly and avoid oversaturation of outdated and useless files and for complying with medical records retention regulations, Folderit presents the option of Automatic Retention. This feature allows automatic expulsion and deletion of files after your set retention time. You can set the time of deletion; consequently, you do not have to bother yourself with the task of manually deleting the said file. This feature by Folderit comes in handy for schedules, rotas, and even medical records – depending upon the country’s laws regarding medical records management after the demise of a patient. For example, in the UK, patient records are kept for 10 years after a patient’s demise until they are destroyed, whereas, in America, different states have different laws – with some not having laws regarding the matter at all. Nonetheless, Folderit has introduced a novel feature that can reduce overcrowding of data making your life easier.

You can try out Folderit for free right now, and/or contact us for a demo!