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Overview & Management of All Shared Resources

There’s a quick and easy way to see which resources of your entire account have been made accessible to other people. The ‘Access overview‘ tool allows you to see the complete list of users who have any kind of access to any of your resources. It also lists all active public links for an easy review. The overview also allows you to disable this access user-by-user and resource-by-resource.

Here’s how you can access the ‘Access Overview” tool:

  1. Log in as an account administrator
  2. Locate Admin Tools panel on the left side, under the Main Sections
  3. Click on ‘More tools’
  4. Click on ‘Access Overview’

That’s it! Now you can see the list of users with any kind of access.

Clicking on settings (⚙ / gear) icon on the right side of the person’s information allows you to choose ‘Remove all access‘ to completely cut the user off any resources from your account.

Clicking on their username (email) will reveal the whole list of resources accessible for them. On the right side of the resource name you can remove the access item-by-item.