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OKTA SCIM setup guide


Supported SCIM features include:

  • Create Users. Users in Okta that are assigned to the Folderit application in Okta are automatically added as team users to your account in Folderit.
  • Update User Attributes
  • Deactivate Users. Unassigned/deactivated users are also deactivated in Folderit
  • Group Push. Groups in Okta can be synced to Folderit with members (only assigned users).



Configuration Steps

In Folderit

  1. Go to “Manage accounts”, from there look for the account cog wheel, where You’ll find “Identity providers” item.
  2. Activate OKTA integration by clicking on “Link OKTA”.
  3. Enter a name of Your choosing for the integration (for example “OKTA”).
  4. Keep the dialog with base URL and access token open or copy them and keep them for later.


  1. Browse for “Folderit” from “Applications” and add the integration.
  2. From “Sign On”, edit “Settings” and change “Credentials Details” -> “Application username format” to “Email”.
  3. From “Provisioning”, click “Configure API integration” and enable integration.
  4. Enter base URL and access token from Folderit, test for success and save.
  5. Enable “Create Users”, “Update User Attributes” and “Deactivate Users” in “To App”.
  6. Assign users/groups from “Assignments”.
  7. To sync groups to Folderit, it is required to specify those groups under “Push Groups” page.

Troubleshooting and Tips