Document Management System Software for Accountants

Paperless document management is an essential part of your accounting business but choosing which DMS software provider is the best fit for your company is not an easy task. Trust is a big issue. Plus, you also need document management software for accountants that is fast, reliable, and above all, secure. Folderit provides the best and safest cloud document software available on the market today. Trusted by some of the biggest and best-known companies operating online, we cover all your paperless storage needs while providing a twofold backup system with extreme high-level security protocols for businesses accounting.

Backup x 2
Our cloud storage service provides high-level security for all your paperless documents but that’s NOT all. We understand that sometimes you’ll need hard copies too. Folderit’s double backup allows you to download your files and print off hard copies–any time and anywhere in the world.

Share Your Documents
Sharing documents is a part of your daily routine. We provide secure sharing with multiple permissions so you can allow access to those that really need it and when they need it most.

Catalog Your Files
Folderit’s DMS software allows you to search through your files via appropriate metadata tagging so you can find all the data you need in a matter of seconds, not minutes.

Dedicated E-mail
A world without e-mails has become unimaginable. Our dedicated e-mail service means you’ll never miss those all-important messages containing crucial storage and project related information.

Supervise Your Work
Busy accounting firms like yours invariably experience different workflow levels at different time periods. Our software lets you approve invoices and applications right from within the system and leave comments on the decision. Approve documents and get the approvals on phone or desktop, no matter how busy you and your colleagues get.

Powerful Search and OCR-technology
Search from not only the file name and metadata but the content of your documents — PDFs, MS Office documents or even images that consist of text. You can search and find from them all!

High-Level Security
Discretion and security are probably the two most valued traits in any accounting company. Inadequate security can lead to a loss of clients’ trust. Invariably, it takes your business down a precarious path leading to otherwise avoidable legal difficulties. You won’t have to worry about security, though. Folderit provides a high-level state-of-the-art of security system that requires permission-based encryption to access your documents.

Automatic Notifications
With Folderit’s DMS software you can set up and receive automatic notifications that keep you informed whenever changes are made to your shared files and documents.

Multiple Roles
If you require multiple accounts, no problem! Folderit makes it easy for you to set up as many roles as necessary for all of your document storage needs.

Global Access
Not even super busy accountants like yours are in the office 24/7. Folderit document management system for accountants provides easy access to your documents from anywhere in the world– from all your laptop, tablet, mobile, and desktop devices. Isn’t that awesome?

Register today and get instant access to our Pro Platinum 30 day free trial including:

  • Store and manage documents with bank-level encryption
  • Create approval workflows
  • Track with audit trails (every collaborator action is logged, also file previews and downloads)
  • Share with ‘Preview-Only’ permission when needed, restricting downloading
  • E-mail attachment box
  • Unlimited storage
  • File versioning
  • File previews
  • Reminders
  • Metadata

Folderit Document Management System for Accountants has several plans in different price points.

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