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Name, Password, Language, 2FA & Time Zone

To change your user profile settings, click on your company name in the header of the system and choose ‘My Profile’ from the dropdown menu.

Under ‘My Profile’ you can:
  • Add your Title (Mr, Ms, etc)
  • Add your First Name
  • Add your Family Name
  • Choose the system Language — this change only affects your own account, each user can choose their own interface language.
  • Choose the Date Format — here you can choose how the dates are displayed MM/DD/YYYY, DD/MM/YYYY or antything else.
  • Choose the Default Account if you have several sub-accounts and you want a specific sub-account activated whenever you log in.
  • Select your Time Zone — important for correct access expiration, reminders and notification events.
  • Change your password — insert your current password and choose a new one. Custom password policies can be enforced.
  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication

To save any of the changes you have made, click ‘Save’.