Online File Storage for Business

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Online file storage is important for many reasons — it provides business the security that your files are preserved even in case of local data loss and it allows your team to remotely access the files. Great online file storage solutions for business add many security and convenience features to the basic functionalities mentioned above.

Folderit Online File Storage for Business Provides:

  • 256-bit encrypted and triple backed up secure storage of up to 5 TB (or more for custom plans!)
  • Access control on file, folder and account level with permissions of — Preview only, Preview & Download or Editor
  • Ability to activate a public link access for any resource
  • Audit logs of any action taken by anyone in your system — any downloads, previews, files added or modified is logged with date and user name
  • Advanced search with OCR content indexing and many filters and conditions
  • Custom metadata fields
  • Version history
  • And a lot more…

Folderit subscription plans start from 9 € per organization (not per user!) making it easily the most affordable online file storage solution for business.

It’s FREE. No Credit card required. If you have any questions, please contact us here!

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