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Manage External Links

You can add a link (URL) as an item stored in Folderit. The link can be opened in a new tab or within a preview window (iFrame) inside the system. It can be shared like any other resource.

To add a link, click on the arrow next to the ‘Upload’ button to open the menu and choose ‘Add a link’ from there.

The menu where you can choose to add a link in Folderit DMS

A modal appears and you can:

  1. Add a link’s name — will be displayed in list view of files and folders
  2. URL with https:// in the beginning
  3. Choose if clicking on the link’s icon opens the link in a new browser tab or as an iFrame embedded into Folderit interface (a new modal in-system).

You can link to forms, documents, dashboards, videos or any other external content. To link directly to a Youtube video (not the page with the video) copy the link not from address bar but from the video’s embed code. Add ?autoplay=1 to the URL to make the video play at once.

See how adding embeddable iFrame links works in Folderit