Versioning / File History

You can easily keep several versions of the same file neatly organized and with unified metadata. Just add new version(s) in the file detail view and a new segment appears: ‘Other Versions’.

To add a new version of an existing file do as follows:

  1. Click on the file you want to add a new version of
  2. In details view click on the blue ‘Upload new version’ button on the right side
  3. Drag a file to the upload area or left click it to browse for the files from your computer

The file is then automatically uploaded and becomes the current version instead of the previous file. The previous file is moved to below ‘Other Versions’ list and can be restored as the active version, downloaded or deleted for good. You can keep the file history with many-many versions in the ‘Other Versions’ list.

Here’s a video overview of hos the file history feature works in Folderit: