White-label Document Management System Software

White-label electronic document management system

The award-winning Folderit DMS is also available as a white-label single-tenant document management system software (EDMS). If you want to have, or offer the unique Folderit experience of usability and fastest task-completion time under your own private label, we are ready to partner with you.

We can rebrand the DMS software for you so that the system and notifications have only your logo on them. And even the solution itself is presented on your web domain. The system remains fully hosted by us (on AWS, your region of choice), so you never have any technical or maintenance responsibilities and you can concentrate on sales or using the system for your own needs.


  • For enterprise clients who want to be the only tenant in their instance
  • For reselling under private label, you are free to price the product as you want with no pricing or subscription plans of ours limiting you.


  • Your logo and colours
  • Your domain or a sub-domain of our’s
  • Data is separately from our main SaaS instance
  • AWS region of choice
  • Your own pricing strategy (if reselling)


  • 10 000 Euro per setup (one-time cost)
  • 1000 Euro monthly base fee
  • 150 Euro/mo per each TB of storage (in increments of 1 TB)
  • 2 Euro/mo per each user

VAT to be added if applicable.

If you need a high-quality white label document management system that provides the most user-friendly, intuitive and fastest-to-work-in experience and security, contact us.

You can have a quick overview of the power provided by Folderit DMS from this short video below: