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Does Folderit Have a Mobile App?

No. But the system is mobile-responsive, which means it adapts to mobile screens and is well usable on mobile devices.

To make it easier to access Folderit via app icon on your mobile home screen, add a shortcut! Then you can access it similarly to other apps on your device. You can do this as follows:

On Android
1. Start your “Chrome” browser app.
2. Go to:
3. Open Chrome browser’s menu (3 dots in upper right corner) and choose ‘Add to homescreen’.
4. Name the shortcut ‘Folderit’ and allow Chrome to add it to your mobile device’s home screen.

On iPhone
1. Open ‘Safari’ browser on your iPhone or iPad
2. Go to:
3. Tap on the icon with arrow on the toolbar below
4. Choose ‘Add to Home Screen’
5. Give the shortcut a name and click ‘Add’ on the top right corner of the screen