Rearranging Files and Folders

There are two ways of rearranging files in Folderit. Drag-and-drop and with folder selection.

1 – If you hover your mouse pointer over any file or folder in the list view, a dotted drag handle appears. Click and hold your left mouse button on it. The possible destinations where you can drag your file/folder are highlighted in yellow. Drag the file/folder to its new location and release the mouse button on it. You can select multiple (and all) files and folders in the list too and drag-and-drop them all at once.

Drag Handle appears if you hover your mouse on any file or folder in the list view.

2 – Click on a file. Choose MODIFY from the toolbar. From this view find “Location” which displays the file’s current location. Click on it and a folder structure will be displayed where you can choose a new location for the file. Click SAVE to save the changes.
This option works only for files, not folders.

Both options are demonstrated in the following video tutorial: