Document Management System Software Reseller Program

Document Management System Software Reseller Program

Affiliate reseller partner program for Cloud Document Management Folderit

Are you interested in becoming our affiliate or a reseller partner?

Folderit DMS, the winner of Capterra’s review test of more than 500 document management systems, is an easy sell. It’s proven to be the easiest to use, it’s secure and affordable — and this is exactly what most organizations are looking for! Folderit is perfect DMS for small and medium businesses in any area, and for other organizations, including NPOs, NGOs, clubs, unions, condominium associations, churches etc.

All our resellers are in B2B market, mostly in IT consulting, telecommunications, office supplies or financial business. Both referral resellers and value-added resellers (VARs) are welcome to contact us as we have a lot to offer for both.

If you feel your company can be our DMS reseller partner globally or in any given region, contact us!

Established companies with large client-base might be eligible for territorial reseller exclusivity.

The benefits for Folderit document management resellers and affiliates:

  • 30% commission on each sale and recurring sale, for as long as the customer’s subscription stays active
  • Free reseller’s subscription plan for your own use and presentations
  • Free training for resellers
  • Free digital marketing materials and design customization/adaption
  • Technical previews of new features
  • Priority support by dedicated reseller agent
  • All your Folderit customers are covered by our global support (in English)

Benefits for Value-Added Resellers

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, a value-added reseller (VAR) is able to add their own services on top of Folderit.
For example:

  • Onboarding
  • Product trainings
  • Local support (specially if our global English support is not enough)

FAQ of the Document Management Affiliate Reseller Program

How it works?
In the simplest form, we will provide you with a registration link that your customers can use to register — that way we know which customers to associate with you. Value-added resellers are able to sell directly to their customers.

Do you provide a reseller dashboard to see who has signed up through my efforts?
Yes. You can see the registered users and their contacts.

Is it possible to integrate with our own payment gateways and/or products?

Absolutely, if you have a reseller has a lot of customers and they need to offer them one coherent solution packaging in Folderit with reseller’s own offerings, we can offer a customized cooperation model. In that case the billing can be handled by the reseller and instead of invoicing us, we would invoice the partner (70% of the sale) for the accounts they have activated for their clients.

Which plans can I sell?

All Folderit monthly and yearly plans (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) are eligible for resale.

Do my customers get a discount on standard Folderit pricing?

Depending on the size of your customer list we can offer them up to 10% discount on all our plans.

How many subscriptions do I have to sell to start earning?

You will receive your fee from every sale, starting from the very first sale you make.

How often do you make payments to resellers?

Usually once a month, but depending on our agreement with the reseller and the sales volume.

What kind of support do you offer to partner program resellers and affiliates?

We offer technical and marketing support, see the complete list above.