Corporate Social Responsibility at Folderit

At Folderit, we recognize our duty to contribute towards creating a better world by taking action to halt the perilous patterns of climate change and social inequity. This sense of responsibility is ingrained in our corporate culture and values.

What We Do for the Environment

Our business is turning offices paperless and if possible, moving them on a cloud platform. Our approach not only saves valuable natural resources like forests and water but also conserves energy.

It’s worth noting that paperless offices are inherently more environmentally friendly than non-paperless ones, and opting for cloud-based services over on-premises solutions provides even greater sustainability benefits.

  • We use Amazon Web Services as our cloud platform which is on track to become 100% powered on green energy by 2025.
  • Our office is paper-free.
  • Our hardware is Energy Star rated.
  • We keep business travel to minimum — when ever it can be done over the internet, we’ll do it over the internet.
  • We encourage our employees to commute by other means than private transportation.
  • We sort waste & recycle.
  • Our head office is located in Estonia which has digital society with paperless governance and which is among eight greenest countries in the world (Yale University’s 2016 Environmental Performance Index).
  • Tap water in Estonia is pure and drinkable — no need for bottled water in the office.

What We Do for the Society

  • We volunteer our services for some NPOs around the world who are unable to pay but need a secure storage and collaboration environment.
  • We are family-friendly organization.
  • We support remote working.
  • We are pro diversity.
  • We are pro pay equality.