Corporate Social Responsibility at Folderit

We understand that we have a role to play in making the world a better place; in doing everything we can to stop the dangerous trends in climate change and social inequality.

Taking such a responsibility is deeply rooted in Folderit’s corporate culture and values.

What We Do for the Environment

Our business is turning offices paperless and if possible, moving them on a cloud platform. In doing so we not only help save forests and water but also energy. Paperless office is greener than non-paperless. While cloud services are in turn greener than on-premises options.

  • We use Amazon Web Services as our cloud platform which is on track to become 100% powered on green energy by 2025.
  • Our office is paper-free.
  • Our hardware is Energy Star rated.
  • We keep business travel to minimum — when ever it can be done over the internet, we’ll do it over the internet.
  • We encourage our employees to commute by other means than private transportation.
  • We sort waste & recycle.
  • Our head office is located in Estonia which has digital society with paperless governance and which is among eight greenest countries in the world (Yale University’s 2016 Environmental Performance Index).
  • Tap water in Estonia is pure and drinkable — no need for bottled water in the office.

What We Do for the Society

  • We volunteer our services for some NPOs around the world who are unable to pay but need a secure storage and collaboration environment.
  • We are family-friendly organization.
  • We support remote working.
  • We are pro diversity.
  • We are pro pay equality.