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Importing Data

You can upload files and folders into the system in several ways.

  • Click the UPLOAD button in the toolbar of the system and browse the files/folders on your computer. You can select multiple at a time to upload.
  • Drag and drop the files or folders from your computer into web browser that has Folderit open. You can drop data to the folder that is currently open.
  • Send the files over email. Every folder in the system has the possibility to enable its unique email address. The email attachment(s) will be saved to the specific folder you sent it to. Make sure the folder’s address is on TO or CC field (not Bcc) and that each email’s size does not exceed 15 MB. If you have enabled SPF on your email server, make sure you have allowed sending emails from the device that you use to forward files to Folderit.
  • Upload a ZIP file and let the system uncompress it. Kepe the ZIP size at max 500 MB and have maximum of 500 files in each ZIP.
  • Import data over sFTP connection (contact us for details).
  • Import data over API.

To send files from a scanner into the system, use the import over email function (for low volumes) or sFTP (for high volumes).