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Managing the Main Sections

Main Sections are the top-level folders displayed on the left side of the system. They are always visible in folder and file views.

I fyou have a new main account you can see main folders like Inbox, #Team, Accounting, Human Resources etc. Those are merely suggestions how you might want to structure your system and can be renamed, reordered and most can be deleted. You can also create new Main Sections.

The two dedicated folders INBOX and #TEAM can be renamed and reordered, but can’t be deleted. #Team folder can be deleted after it is disabled.

  • INBOX is the most generic location in the system that is able to receive files over email and its address is the shortest (compared to folders’ addresses). You can however activate a folder email address for each folder in the system individually.
  • #TEAM folder is the only resource in the system that is accessible to all your users by default and with Editor permissions. It’s a great place to store documents that should be accessible to all like company policies, CVI materials or even event galleries. This default access can be disabled in Admin tools > Manage Users view. After disabling it is possible to delete the folder. Enabling will recreate the folder (with no content).

If you hover your mouse over the section’s name, you can see an in icont for a dropdown menu that allows you to rename, share, download, delete, set up automated numbering, approval and retention workflows and see the audit trail of the section. When a gear icon appears, click it!

To rearrange the Main Sections hover your mouse over the ‘Main Sections’ title, so that the settings icon appears. Click it to activate a rearranging mode. Rearrange your items and click on the settings icon again to save.

  • Modify — allows you to modify the name and metadata of the folder and change OCR language of the folder content.
  • Columns — choose which columns are visible in the folder’s list view.
  • Retention — choose folder’s retention settings.
  • Approval — choose folder’s automated approval workflow settings.
  • Numbering — choose the folder’s numbering automation settings.
  • Share — allows you to make the whole section (with all the files and folders inside it) available for any person, a group or as a public link. You can choose if they are able to only preview its content or download and modify too. More on sharing here!
  • Download — creates a structured ZIP archive of all the contents of the section, all the files and folders that are inside this top-level folder.
  • Audit Log — displays the complete list of events that have taken place within this Section. You can see who has added or deleted files on the Section level, who has previewed, downloaded or shared it to whom etc. More on audit logs here!
  • Delete — deletes the section and all its content. Deleted content will first move to the Recycle Bin (visible for account administrators only). More on Recycle Bin here!

To create new Section, click on “+ Create new section”.