Metadata Templating on Folder-level

In addition to the default metadata fields, you can create your own. And you can apply your own metadata fields’ template to any folders. So that every time a file is uploaded to a folder, the specified metadata fields are added to the file automatically, awaiting to be filled in.

To start configuring folder’s (and optionally its sub-folders’) metadata template go into the folder and choose ‘Meta’ from the toolbar.

To start adding metadata fields, click on ‘+‘ right under ‘Name’. A dropdown menu opens which will include all your metadata fields’ names already in use. And at the end of the list another ‘+’ to add a new one. If you currently have no custom metadata fields created, you can only see the ‘+’. Click it and choose the name for your custom metadata field.

Tick the ‘Recursive‘ checkbox to apply the template to sub-folders as well.
Tick the ‘Required‘ checkbox to make filling in this custom metadata field obligatory when Editing the file’s metadata.

Click the blue ‘+‘ button again to add more metadata fields for the folder’s content. You can choose if the specific metadata field applies to all sub-folders as well and if it is required, one-by-one.

Here’s a video overview of how this custom metadata templating on folder level works: