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Metadata Templating on Folder-level

In addition to the default metadata fields, you can create your own. And you can apply your own metadata fields’ template to any folders. So that every time a file is uploaded to a folder, the specified metadata fields are added to the file automatically, awaiting to be filled in.

To start configuring folder’s (and optionally its sub-folders’) metadata template go into the folder and choose ‘Meta’ from the toolbar.

To start adding metadata fields, click on ‘+‘ right under ‘Name’. A dropdown menu opens which will include all your metadata fields’ names already in use. And at the end of the list another ‘+’ to add a new one. If you currently have no custom metadata fields created, you can only see the ‘+’. Clicking it opens a modal with options.

Input your field’s name, description (optional) and type of the metadata. There are many to choose from — list, checkbox, URL, e-mail, date and more. If you chose a list, make sure to add list options too.

Check the ‘Recursive‘ checkbox to apply the template to sub-folders as well.
Check the ‘Required‘ checkbox to make filling in this custom metadata field obligatory when Modifying the file’s metadata. Documents that do not have all required fields filled in will be marked in the list or thumbnail view accordingly. Clicking on the message will take the user straight to ‘Modify’ view to fill in the missing data.

List view in Folderit DMS showing missing metadata values

Click the blue ‘+‘ button again to add more metadata fields for the folder’s content. You can choose if the specific metadata field applies to all sub-folders as well and if it is required, one-by-one.

Here’s a video overview of how this custom metadata templating on folder level works:

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