Differences in Access Permissions

Folderit features 3 permission levels for every resource. Whether sharing files, folders, sections or the whole account.

The permission levels are:
  1. Previewer — Preview-only permission limits a user or user group to only seeing the files as an in-system preview. Previewers cannot copy text from a document, nor print or download shared documents. They can’t change any metadata or add new versions. They can’t see the audit log.
    Preview function is only available in Silver plan and above.
  2. Viewer — The users can preview the files shared to them in-system, and download the files shared to them with Viewer permission. They can also print the document and if the file format allows, copy text from it.
    They cannot change any metadata or versions, and they cannot delete files.
  3. Editor — Editors can preview and download files, change metadata, add versions and delete the documents shared to them with ‘Editor’ permission. Sharing a folder or section with ‘Editor’ permission allows the person to add files and folders into that structure. Granting ‘Editor’ permissions on an account level will make the person an administrator of that account.
  4. Upload-only — User can only upload to a folder, and does not see its content (including sub-folders).

Here’s a video overview of how to find and use the permission options: