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Subscription Management

This is how you can check which subscription plan you are currently on and/or purchase a new one:

  1. Click on your company name in the header
  2. Choose ‘My Profile’ from the dropdown list that opens
  3. Click on ‘Plans’ on the left side menu

If you have logged in with your account credentials, you can also use this link to directly access ‘Plans’:

Upgrading or downgrading your plan

The first segment on grey background states your current subscription plan and when it’s due. Below that, you can choose a new plan to either upgrade or downgrade as you please. Your unused prepaid amount will be deducted from your next purchase. Select your desired subscription plan by clicking the ‘Choose Plan’ button beneath the appropriate option. Plans with fewer users or less storage than your current usage cannot be selected.

Changing payment method

To change credit card or other payment methods, click on the “Change payment menthod” link on the grey header area in Plans view.

Cancelling subscription

To cancel your plan’s auto-renewal, click on the “Cancel plan” link on the grey header area in Plans view. Your prepaid period of existing plan will stay active until it expires and will not auto-renew any more.