Previewing Files

After you have uploaded a file in Folderit, the background process starts to generate a preview file of it which can be seen in-system without the need to download the file first. Preview is generated for PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, Doc, Docx files. Previewing is available in Silver plan and above, and during the Trial period.

Preview generation can take some time, depending also on the file size and the number of files concurrently uploaded. You can refresh the view to see if the previews have been generated. It usually happens within a minute but sometimes the queue can be longer so chech back later.

The files that have a preview available will have a small magnifying glass appearing on their icon. Clicking on the icon will open the preview.

This is what you can do within the Preview:

  • Scroll through the pages of a multi-page document
  • Select text to copy it
  • Print file
  • Download file (if you have sufficient permissions)
  • Zoom in

Here is the video tutorial that shows how to open a file’s preview and what you can do in it: