Automated Approval Workflow

You can set up any folder with approval workflow automation. So any time a file is uploaded to the pre-configured folder, an approval workflow would start automatically.

To set up an automated approval workflow, do this:

  1. Locate a folder. Then, either click on the Settings icon and choose ‘Approval’ in the list view or, if you are already in the right folder, click on the ‘Approval’ button on the toolbar.
  2. Click ‘Activate’ to start setting up the automated workflow.
  3. Fill in the resolution text. (Optional)
  4. Choose either Parallel or Serial type of approval workflow.
    In Parallel type the invitations to approve the document will be sent out simultaneously to all approvers.
    In Serial type the invitations to approve will be sent in the order you have set up the approvers. Next person will receive invitation only after the previous one has approved the document.
  5. Click on ‘Create’ to confirm and finalize the approval workflow automation.
  6. Choose if the same automation should be activated in sub-folders as well. Check or uncheck the option based on your preference.
Setting up folder-level approval workflow automation

A folder that has an active Approval Workflow automation turned on is displayed in blue and with a stamp icon on it:

To make any changes or disable the automated workflow, just click on ‘Approval’ button again in the dropdown menu, make the changes and click on ‘Update’ to save your new preferences.

Documents that have been sent to automated approval will have an indicator on them in the folder list view:

  • Yellow dot means the approval process hasn’t been finished
  • Red dot means the document has been rejected.
  • Green dot means the document has been approved.