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Approval Workflows

Folderit DMS allows you to start a document approval workflow for a single document or automate a folder, so that anytime a file is uploaded to the pre-configured folder, an approval workflow starts automatically. You can also enable routing, so that after the document is approved by everyone, it is automatically moved to another folder of your choice. All workflows can be set as Serial (Step-by-Step) or Parallel, and support for chaining workflows together is available.

After the approval workflow completes, you can download the approved document with approval summary as one file (approval summary attached as the last page) or as separate files.

Types of Approval Workflows

  1. Automated Workflow: This is set up for a folder, and any file uploaded to this folder will automatically start the approval workflow.
  2. One-Time Workflow: This is set up for a single document.

Setting Up an Automated Workflow

  1. Locate the folder and click on the Settings icon. Choose ‘Workflow’ in the list view, or if you are already in the right folder, click on the ‘Workflow’ button on the toolbar.
  2. Click ‘Activate’ to start setting up the automated workflow.
  3. Choose the method of workflow: Approval.
  4. Fill in the resolution text if it is approval workflow. The statement you want others to agree in the context of this document. For example “Shall we pay this?”. (Optional)
  5. Choose either Parallel or Serial type of approval workflow.
    In Parallel type the invitations to approve the document will be sent out simultaneously to all approvers.
    In Serial type the invitations to approve will be sent in the order you have set up the approvers. Next person will receive invitation only after the previous one has approved the document.
  6. Toggle on ‘Move after approval‘ if you want to automatically route the document to another folder after it has received all approvals. Choose a folder. (Optional)
  7. Add individuals and/or User Groups into the workflow. After adding a user group you can click on the list icon at the end of the field to reveal all users in the group so you can reorder them if needed for Serial workflow.
  8. Check ‘Metadata is visible in workflow‘ if you want to show the file’s metadata to participants.
  9. Check ‘Related files are visible in workflow‘ if you want to make related items visible to workflow participants.
  10. Choose if the same automation should be applied to sub-folders as well. Check or uncheck the option based on your preference.
  11. Click ‘Create’ to confirm and finalize the approval workflow automation.

Setting Up a One-Time Approval Workflow

Click on a document to get to its detail view. Then click ‘START APPROVAL WORKFLOW’ on the right side. Set up the workflow as per the instructions above.

Monitoring Workflow Status and Results

The approval status is visible in the file list view. For more details click on the blue ‘View approval workflow’ button on the right side of the document’s detail view to see everyone’s decisions with comments and download the Approval Summary.

Status Indicators

A folder that has an active Workflow automation turned on is displayed in blue and with a stamp icon on it:

  • Documents in automated approval will have indicators in the folder list view:
    • Yellow square with checkmark: approval process hasn’t been finished.
    • Red square with checkmark: document has been rejected.
    • Green square with checkmark: document has been approved.