Choosing a document management system is not easy, with dizzying amounts of features and capabilities to select from, it seems like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be, as not all features hold the same value for your business and organization. Here are the 10 things that matter the most when it comes to document management systems

10 Things That Matter Most in Document Management Systems

1. Security

Security in document management cannot be overstated. It encompasses everything from encryption and access controls to compliance with global data protection regulations. A robust DMS should offer end-to-end encryption, sophisticated user permissions, and audit trails to monitor document access and modifications, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure against internal and external threats. At the tail end, Folderit's DMS exemplifies these security measures, providing a fortified environment for your documents.

2. User-Friendly

The usability of a DMS determines its adoption rate and overall effectiveness within an organization. An intuitive interface, easy navigation, and minimal learning curve are essential for ensuring that all team members, regardless of their technical expertise, can efficiently manage documents. Folderit prioritizes user experience, offering a straightforward and accessible platform that simplifies document management for users at every level.

3. Advanced Capture Capabilities

The capability to accurately capture and digitize documents is foundational to effective document management. Advanced OCR technology, batch scanning, and metadata extraction facilitate the conversion of paper documents into searchable digital formats, enhancing accessibility and efficiency. Folderit incorporates these advanced capture capabilities, streamlining the transition from physical to digital in a seamless manner.

4. Workflow Automation

Workflow automation transforms manual document processes into efficient digital workflows, reducing errors and saving time. By automating tasks such as document routing, approvals, and notifications, businesses can ensure consistency and speed up operations. Folderit's workflow automation tools empower organizations to design custom workflows that align with their unique processes, driving productivity and operational efficiency.

5. Electronic Signatures

In an increasingly remote work environment, the ability to sign documents electronically is indispensable. A versatile DMS offers both in-built electronic signature solutions and integrations with leading eSignature platforms, providing flexibility and legal compliance for document signing processes. Folderit offers its own robust electronic signature functionality – Folderit eSign – alongside seamless integrations with platforms like DocuSign, catering to a range of business needs.

6. Scalability

A scalable DMS can grow with your business, accommodating increasing document volumes and user needs without compromising performance. Scalability ensures that businesses can continue to manage documents effectively as they expand. Folderit's scalable solution supports business growth, offering flexible plans and capabilities that adapt to evolving document management requirements.

7. Seamless Integration

Integration capabilities enable a DMS to function cohesively within an organization's existing software ecosystem. Whether it's connecting with CRM systems, accounting software, or email platforms, seamless integration reduces data silos and enhances productivity. Folderit's DMS boasts extensive integration options, ensuring it works harmoniously with other business tools for a unified operational flow.

8. Support for a Hybrid Workforce

A DMS should cater to the needs of today's hybrid workforce, offering cloud-based access that enables document management from any location, on any device. This flexibility supports remote work models and ensures team collaboration is not hindered by geographical constraints. Folderit's cloud-based DMS is designed for the modern workforce, ensuring accessibility and collaboration across all work environments.

9. Email Management

With email being a primary mode of communication in business, effective email management is indispensable. Folderit treats emails as documents, allowing them to be stored, tagged, and retrieved with ease. This approach ensures that critical information is never lost in the shuffle and that compliance with archival requirements is maintained.

10. Mobile Access

With business increasingly conducted on the move, mobile access to a DMS is a must-have feature. A mobile-friendly DMS enables users to access, manage, and share documents directly from their smartphones or tablets, ensuring productivity is maintained outside the office. Folderit's mobile friendly platform ensures that users have full access to document management capabilities, even while on the go.


Choosing the right Document Management Software is a strategic decision that impacts every facet of your business operations. Folderit's DMS stands out by offering a comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly solution that meets the dynamic needs of modern businesses, driving efficiency, enhancing security, and facilitating collaboration across teams and time zones.

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