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Man unearthing history of documents

A brief history of document management

January 5, 2022

While we could speculate that document management began with cave paintings, and slate drawings, but realistically, the first form of document management dates back to when language was still being formulated. From mud slates in the Sumerian civilization, all the way to modern cloud-based document management here is the history of document management.

Concentrated businesswoman looking

Document Management System for Consultants

October 7, 2021

The word “consultant” usually casts a very wide net. Their jobs can range from a set of duties that varies from industry to industry. To compress the role in to one sentence, a consultant is someone who has a wealth of knowledge and/or experience in certain areas that other companies hire them to perform a […]

Reducing your carbon footprint with an electronic DMS

Reducing your carbon footprint with an electronic DMS

August 23, 2021

Carbon Footprint is the amount of carbon or greenhouse gases produced as a result of our actions. An individual’s carbon footprint might be negligible in the grand scheme of things, however, that of a company compounds with every action they take.

Aviation document management Folderit

Document Management for Aviation

July 2, 2021

Statistically speaking, flying is the safest form of travel. This is because of the rigorous regulations, training, certifications, and checks that go into every single flight, making it one of the most data-driven travel industries in the world. Which makes it extremely important for us to ensure proper document management for aviation.

Online PDF Storage and Viewer

June 14, 2021

PDF, Portable Document Format (PDF) is a document viewing format created by Adobe Systems back in 1993. It was made in an open format in 2008. The PDF format was created to help documents retain text formatting, inline images, and typeface settings when shared between two different platforms with different software.

docusign integration

Document Management System with DocuSign Integration

May 26, 2021

Folderit is backed up by a versatile automated approval workflow that allows users to acquire approvals on documents as per their process’ requirements. Folderit granted you the ability to get all digital approvals before a process comes through in any way you want. To add another layer of functionality to that feature is Folderit’s latest […]

Document Control Software for Manufacturing

May 7, 2021

Manufacturing is the bridge that takes us from ideation to practicality. People get bright ideas for fancy inventions all the time, but until we manufacture it and see what has turned up, it won’t be anything more than just an idea.

Records management for charities

Records management for charities

April 12, 2021

Some people are fortunate enough that they can support other people less fortunate than themselves. In some cases, especially in developed communities, people are hard-pressed to find someone to help.

Man using Folderit Electronic Document and Record Management System

EDRMS – Electronic Document and Record Management System

April 8, 2021

The term Document Management System refers to a platform that helps capture and manage electronic documents. Electronic Document and Records Management Systems deal with physical documents as well as digital documents.

document control for small business

Document Control System for Small Business

April 6, 2021

Small businesses are the backbone of any functional economy. Small businesses are corner stores, mom and pop businesses, small startups with big dreams, companies at the brink of “making”, and everything in between those states. Small businesses are responsible for approximately 90% global job supply. Such businesses tend to rely on affordable all-round solutions that […]