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Infographic: Why Go Paperless

June 30, 2022

If you’re reading this in the summer, you need only to look outside. It is getting warmer by the day, and we’ve no choice but to address this issue globally. Even though individuals have the liberty to move to a cooler climate, businesses do not.

Best Cloud Storage for Business Documents

May 27, 2022

The best cloud storage for business is critical for practically any organization, regardless of its size. Even if you only have a few employees – or even if it’s just you – safeguarding your files and documents is critical. We are aware of far too many firms that have lost work in progress or even […]

Document Management System for Banks

May 11, 2022

Banking is among the few businesses that have a heavy reliance on document management. A custom-built, yet highly functional document management system for banks can end up costing a fortune without offering a significant leg up over what is already available in the market.

Best cloud storage for financial documents

April 10, 2022

For every business with even the faintest hope of lasting, there is a highly functional financial department. However, financial documents are among the hardest to keep organized. They are just so many. Here’s what should be the best cloud storage for financial documents.

Folderit DMS Automation made Easier with Make (Formerly Integromat)

April 3, 2022

Document Management can be an arduous task for companies, especially when working across multiple domains and channels. Folderit is fast becoming the go-to Document Management System for various use-cases. Now Folderit has joined hands with Make (formerly Integromat). Read on to find out how Automation is made easier with Make.

Benefits of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

February 4, 2022

Historically, people have been using passwords and encryptions to keep their digital content safe. For every secure solution out there, news emerges of some kind of wide-scale data breach, and the internet feels less secure for it.

Man unearthing history of documents

A brief history of document management

January 5, 2022

While we could speculate that document management began with cave paintings, and slate drawings, but realistically, the first form of document management dates back to when language was still being formulated. From mud slates in the Sumerian civilization, all the way to modern cloud-based document management here is the history of document management.

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Document Management System for Consultants

October 7, 2021

The word “consultant” usually casts a very wide net. Their jobs can range from a set of duties that varies from industry to industry. To compress the role in to one sentence, a consultant is someone who has a wealth of knowledge and/or experience in certain areas that other companies hire them to perform a […]

Reducing your carbon footprint with an electronic DMS

Reducing your carbon footprint with an electronic DMS

August 23, 2021

Carbon Footprint is the amount of carbon or greenhouse gases produced as a result of our actions. An individual’s carbon footprint might be negligible in the grand scheme of things, however, that of a company compounds with every action they take.

Aviation document management Folderit

Document Management for Aviation

July 2, 2021

Statistically speaking, flying is the safest form of travel. This is because of the rigorous regulations, training, certifications, and checks that go into every single flight, making it one of the most data-driven travel industries in the world. Which makes it extremely important for us to ensure proper document management for aviation.