About Folderit


Folderit Ltd is an Estonian-German document management software vendor established in 2014 with the aim of providing a better kind of document management system experience. We offer monthly and yearly subscription plans and provide customization projects (including local installation) for bigger enterprises.

Folderit DMS has three cornerstones in a combination that sets it apart from any other document management system:
user-friendliness, security and affordability.

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It’s the philosophy that drives all we do and reflects in everything that we do. Folderit DMS does not merely have the functions you need, it makes them intuitive to find and use. That way the teams of our customers are happy to use Folderit DMS, not try to avoid using it like some of our clients have said about their earlier experiences with some document management software. This people-centric philosophy is also reflected in the way our whole team interacts with our customers and partners. And yes, this has been noticed and we have been named the most user-friendly document management system in the world.

Just take a look at some of the feedback our support team has got. Thank you dear customers, and thank you team!

Document Management System Reviews

“Thank you for that. And thanks for all the speedy responses. Your support is amongst the best, if not the best I have come across on web applications and I will make a point of putting that out on Facebook etc.”

NICK from United Kingdom

“Thanks for changing the email address, I wanted to provide some feedback that I am always pleased with your customer service. Whenever I have had any queries you respond timely and answer my queries and provide very good assistance.”

LAURA from Australia
Document Management System Reviews

“I have started using the trial plan over the last few days and I have to say this is one of the very best pieces of software I have ever used. Intuitive, smart and full of hidden power. Everything is just in the right place and even billing & plans are transparent.”

Phil B from United Kingdom
Document Management System Reviews

“I am amazed at your product as well as the simplicity and great UI that your team has built.”


Secure Document Management Software


Safety of our customers’ data is everything to us. With a single lapse in security procedures we would lose the trust of our customers–our most important asset. Our clients include financial organizations, law offices and medical institutions among others that need our complete attention on security measures.

All connections on the public and internal networks are done over SSL encryption. We are monitoring login attempts to our system, while all the developers work with absolutely no access to client data. Folderit is an official Amazon AWS Select Technology partner and our solution is built on top of Amazon Web Services infrastructure.

For file storage we use their S3 service which has 99.999999999% durability of objects over a given year. Every object is stored in three physically separate Availability Zones. In conjunction with daily snapshot and transaction log the data is effectively backed up in real time and can be restored to any point in time.

Check real-time security report here: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=my.folderit.com

Affordable document management system


We do not believe in over-charging. And we do not believe in cunning ways to part customers from their hard-earned money. So you will never see any hidden costs with Folderit, while the ones you do see, are probably the most affordable you have seen. Even though it is clearly stated on our pricing page that our prices are per team, every day someone still asks if our prices are per user–it feels quite unbelievable to them!

Our Customers

We have customers from all around the world, from each continent (apart from Antarctica!), and from every field of business. From non-profits to multi-billion dollar enterprises. For bigger enterprises we can offer customized solutions and even a local installation of otherwise cloud-based DMS Folderit.

Our Partners

Folderit DMS Reseller Badge

Our partners are mostly our value-added resellers; technology partners who integrate with our software through Folderit API; and document management specialists who help our customers with onboarding, digitalization or consultations. If you are interested in becoming our reseller, take a look at our reseller program.