Folderit is backed up by a versatile automated approval workflow that allows users to acquire approvals on documents as per their process’ requirements. Folderit granted you the ability to get all digital approvals before a process comes through in any way you want. To add another layer of functionality to that feature is Folderit’s latest integration with DocuSign (separate subscription to DocuSign required).

The concept of a signature originates from the need to approve orders, commissions, documents, instructions, et al. from someone with the recognized authorization to do so. In the olden days this was done with handwritten signatures that would need to be elaborate enough that they could not be replicated, in larger enterprises, they would be coupled with wax seals to double down on preventing security breaches. 

In the modern age, that might be a tad dreary to wait around for wax seals to dry every 10 minutes, a modern solution is DocuSign. A digital signature that serves the exact same purpose of a physical one, without any of the tedium.  A digital signature is a means of establishing authenticity of a document(s) or any digital communication. A Digital Signature serves as a virtual fingerprint that serves as an entire set of data that communicates to recipients that a document is digitally signed in compliance with all the requisite regulations providing validity and authenticity of the signer’s identity. It also serves as evidence that the document was not tampered with in any way after having been digitally signed.

DocuSign in the future

Going paperless is the single highest priority of any business operating in 2021. Physical signatures can be forged, or photoshopped (in scanned documents at least), and its authenticity is never assured. A digital signature, however, is a fresh and secure take for authentication.

The change in format from oft beautifully calligraphed names to some digitized information, is only an aesthetic loss, not a functional one. A digitally signed document conveys that it has been vetted, is legally binding, and indicates that the content of the document is understood and agreed upon by the signatories. 

Folderit already supports Microsoft Office 365 integration (also requires separate subscription). Now you can collaborate with others to create formal agreements that you can get approved through DocuSign

This is especially useful in the following situations:

Folderit advantage

With Folderit’s ubiquitously present system that can be accessed universally, i.e. from any device anywhere in the world at any time, DocuSign offers the next step in ease of doing business by adding the ability to sign, approve and send business documents. This means any operation that requires frequent approvals on documents, need a reliably accessible platform that can facilitate approvals as rapidly and securely as you need them. 

Speaking of being secure, to ensure the entire approval process takes place in a sterile environment, Folderit protects user data using 256-bit bank-level encryption making it completely impregnable by any modern computer. Moreover, any transfers in and out of the system are made through secure SSL encryption. With signatures, DocuSign also keeps your signatures safe, globally compliant, and secure through high-level identity authentication and document transaction security. All digital certificates are encrypted using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to ensure the signatory’s identity is protected.

Growing acceptance and legal compliance

DocuSign is at the forefront of the digital signature movement. Digital signatures are becoming widely accepted for public use. Documents signed by DocuSign are considered to be in compliance with all applicable international standards, so users can rest assured their signatures are being used only for the intent a signatory wants and that the process is tamper proof.

Governments around the world are rapidly starting to recognize digital signatures, especially those made by DocuSign as it complies with all the requisite regulations.

The biggest selling point for digital signatures is that verification is always possible by any legal entity. That way, if you have digitally signed a document in a place where digital signatures aren’t standardized yet, they will retain their signatory data and can work globally, moreover, they will be future proof.


Digital signatures are the future of documentation, Folderit, now partnered with DocuSign can take you there. 

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