Document management is evolving, as such Folderit has introduced a new on-platform solution that improves the way businesses and individuals handle document signatures. “Folderit eSign” is the latest addition to Folderit’s suite of document management tools, offering a quick, efficient, and secure method for electronic signatures (e-signatures).

This innovative feature is designed to streamline the process of signing documents electronically, eliminating the need for traditional paper-based methods and providing a plethora of benefits to its users.

E-Signatures: A Brief Overview

Before diving into the specifics of Folderit eSign, it’s essential to understand e-signatures. Electronic signatures have revolutionized document signing, offering an alternative to the traditional pen-and-paper method.

They are legally recognized in numerous jurisdictions around the world, thanks to legislation such as the U.S. Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) and the European Union’s eIDAS regulation​​​​. E-signatures can vary from simple acknowledgments, like ticking a checkbox or typing a name, to more secure forms that use digital certificates and encryption​​.

Introducing Folderit eSign

Folderit eSign is Folderit’s proprietary e-signature technology and is crafted with the user’s needs in mind. It stands as a testament to Folderit’s commitment to providing comprehensive document management solutions.

Folderit eSign distinguishes itself from other e-signature solutions by offering a blend of simplicity, flexibility, and security, ensuring that it caters to a wide array of document signing needs.

Key Features of Folderit eSign

Inclusive Workflow:

Folderit eSign’s inclusive workflow feature allows users to initiate signing workflows directly within the Folderit system. This inclusivity ensures that both Folderit users and non-users can participate in the e-signature process, making it accessible to a broader audience.

Adaptable Signing Order:

Users have the flexibility to configure the signing order to suit their specific needs. Whether the process requires simultaneous (parallel) signing or a sequential, step-by-step approach, Folderit eSign accommodates various workflows, enhancing its utility across different scenarios.

Versatile Signing Options:

Catering to the diversity of user preferences and the availability of devices, Folderit eSign offers multiple signing options. Users can choose to sign documents by drawing or typing their names, providing a personalized and convenient signing experience regardless of the device used.

Comprehensive Documentation:

Upon completion of the signing workflow, Folderit eSign ensures that all parties receive a copy of the signed document alongside an audit trail document. This feature not only guarantees transparency but also offers a verifiable record of the entire signing process, crucial for legal and administrative purposes.

Robust Verification Feature:

A standout feature of Folderit eSign is its robust verification capability. It allows for the verification of a document’s authenticity and integrity without uploading the actual document to Folderit’s system. This is achieved by calculating the document’s hash in-browser and matching it with Folderit’s records, ensuring the document remains unaltered since signing.

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How Folderit eSign Works

Folderit eSign revolutionizes the electronic signature process with a straightforward, secure, and integrated system designed to facilitate document signing within Folderit’s document management system. Here’s a detailed walkthrough of how Folderit eSign operates, offering both simplicity and efficiency in managing electronic signatures.

Initiating the Signature Workflow:

The process begins when an authorized team member selects a document within the Folderit platform for signing. With a few clicks, they can effortlessly start the e-signature workflow. This initiacy allows users to setup the workflow with ease, providing an option to add a custom message that signers will see alongside their invitation, ensuring clear communication from the outset.

Adding Signers:

Folderit eSign’s inclusive approach allows team members to add anyone as a signer, regardless of whether they are Folderit users. This flexibility ensures that external partners, clients, or stakeholders can participate in the signing process without needing a Folderit account, broadening the scope of document management and collaboration.

Customizing the Signing Order:

One of Folderit eSign’s standout features is its adaptability in the signing order. Users have the choice to invite signers in a specific sequence or all at once, catering to the unique needs of each document and its signatories. This feature is particularly useful in scenarios where a document requires sequential approval from multiple stakeholders, allowing for a controlled and organized signing process.

Automation and Visibility:

To further streamline the signing process, Folderit eSign offers automation options, such as automatically relocating the document to a predetermined folder once all signatures are collected. This automation ensures efficient document management post-signature collection. Additionally, users can opt to make the file’s metadata and related documents visible to signers, enhancing transparency and providing signers with all necessary context.

Inviting Signers and Collecting Signatures:

Signers are invited via email to sign the document. If they have a Folderit account, they can view all their signature requests on their personal dashboard, centralizing their tasks. Signing can be done on any computer or mobile device, offering the flexibility to sign from anywhere, at any time.

Folderit eSign accommodates different signing preferences, allowing users to either draw their signature for a more personal touch or type it for convenience. Signers can also adjust the signature’s placement and size on the document, ensuring it fits precisely where needed.

Completion and Verification:

Once all parties have signed the document, each participant receives an email with the finalized signed PDF and an audit trail, providing a complete record of the signing process. Folderit’s system allows for real-time tracking of the document’s status, ensuring that users can monitor progress and maintain oversight throughout the process.

Automated Workflows on Folder Level:

For recurring document processes, Folderit eSign allows users to automate workflows at the folder level. By setting up predefined signature workflows for specific folders, any document added to these folders automatically initiates the signing process, saving time and enhancing efficiency for routine tasks.

Verification and Security:

Documents signed with Folderit eSign can be easily verified for authenticity through Folderit’s dedicated public verification page. This feature ensures the integrity of the signed document, allowing for secure and trustworthy electronic signatures.

Benefits of Folderit eSign

Folderit eSign brings numerous advantages to the table, aligning with Folderit’s ethos of enhancing productivity and efficiency in document management. Its integration into Folderit’s existing ecosystem means users can enjoy a seamless experience when handling documents, from storage to signing and verification. The benefits of Folderit eSign include but are not limited to:

  • Streamlined Processes: By digitizing the signature process, Folderit eSign eliminates the delays associated with traditional signing methods. Documents can be signed and processed in a fraction of the time it would take with paper documents, accelerating business operations.
  • Enhanced Security: Security is a cornerstone of Folderit eSign. The technology ensures the integrity and authenticity of documents through advanced encryption methods and the robust verification feature, providing peace of mind for users concerned about document tampering or forgery.
  • Cost Efficiency: The transition to a paperless signing process reduces the need for physical document handling, resulting in significant savings on printing, mailing, and storage costs. This efficiency not only benefits the bottom line but also supports environmental sustainability efforts.
  • Global Accessibility: Folderit eSign’s inclusive workflow and flexibility make it an ideal solution for global teams and clients. Documents can be signed from anywhere in the world, facilitating international business transactions and collaborations without geographical constraints.

What Folderit’s E-Signature Solution (Folderit eSign) Means for Its Users

The introduction of Folderit eSign represents Folderit’s dedication to innovation and its commitment to solving real-world challenges faced by businesses and individuals in document management. For users, Folderit eSign means:

Empowerment: Users are empowered with the tools to manage document signing processes efficiently, securely, and legally, from anywhere in the world. This empowerment enables remote work, supports global operations, and facilitates digital transformation efforts.

Confidence: With Folderit eSign, users can have confidence in the integrity and authenticity of their documents. The robust verification feature provides peace of mind that signed documents remain unchanged and legally binding.

Agility: In today’s fast-paced world, agility is key to staying competitive. Folderit eSign enables users to respond quickly to signing requests, make decisions faster, and complete transactions without delays, providing an agile document management solution.

Sustainability: By reducing the reliance on paper-based processes, Folderit eSign contributes to environmental sustainability efforts. Digital signatures reduce paper waste, decrease the carbon footprint associated with document transportation, and support eco-friendly business practices.

Folderit eSign: A Comprehensive Solution

Folderit eSign is a comprehensive solution that enhances document management, improves efficiency, and offers a secure and legally compliant way to sign documents electronically. By integrating this technology into their operations, businesses and individuals can navigate the digital landscape with greater ease and confidence, knowing that their document signing processes are in good hands with Folderit eSign.

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