The world’s biggest software catalogue Capterra has been meticulously testing and reviewing different document management software and chosen Folderit as the most user-friendly document management system of them all. From among ~500 software!

In addition to being better than other well-known document management systems, Folderit was found to be better than all tested cloud storage providers. Folderit DMS was named more user-friendly and faster to work with than Dropbox Business and Box, for example. We are proud and happy to hear that, since ease of use has been one of the cornerstones of Folderit right from the start.

There are three cornerstones in the architecture of Folderit: user-friendliness, security and affordability. And even though the feedback we receive from our customers assures us we are on the right track and this is exactly how they perceive us, it is still an honor to be reviewed and named the best by a third objective party. Ease of use matters. No one wants to use a software on a daily basis that makes their head ache and where everything is cumbersome and time-consuming. The review test covered the ease of doing the most common tasks that any organization needs to do in a document management software. It included the number of clicks it takes and time to complete the tasks in seconds. Each task was completed twice to be sure of the consistency of the results.

The following diagram, representing how fast you can get things done in Folderit compared to other document management systems, is a good example of why Folderit won:

We are glad to assure you that as a current or future customer of Folderit you can be absolutely sure that Folderit is indeed the most user (your!) friendly document management software. Of them all.

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