The biggest advantage of working in an office environment is the ability to work towards a common goal with likeminded professionals.

People working on expanding their startups, working on a creative project, a medium sized company managing their affairs, and everything in between, requires collaboration. Folderit is designed to provide the optimum collaborative document editing environment.

How to make collaborative document editing easy

Any file that two or more people work on to develop and finalize, is a collaborative document. This could be something as simple as a group writing up a report, or an entire department working on a presentation. Collaborative document editing is a simple matter of having a system that supports the following:

  • Simultaneous access for multiple users
  • Permission levels
  • Varying Access rights 
  • Approvals
  • Editing tools
  • Secure environment

Simultaneous Access for multiple users

Folderit allows for files and folders to have dedicated access to users, or user groups. That way, if you are working on a report, then one team can work on the writing through Microsoft Word, and another can work on the data using Microsoft Excel. The finished documents can be compiled into a folder for final viewing.

Folderit is also ubiquitously accessible and platform independent. All you need is a web-enabled device with a working internet connection and you’re ready to collaborate with anyone, anywhere. You could be on a powerful workstation in Siberia, collaborating with your colleague on a smartphone in Auckland and the process would be just as seamless for both parties.

Permission Levels and Access Rights

In some collaborative scenarios, there are stakeholders, supervisors and process owners, each have a different role to play in the evolution of a document. However, it could be disruptive if, mid-process someone else decided to take over your document and added their feedback. To avoid such an outcome, Folderit lets you grant varying levels of permissions to different users or user groups. You could retain full-access while granting stakeholders/supervisors view-only access, OR, set it up such that only one person can access a document at a time, locking everyone else out. For anyone not involved, they don’t need to have any kind of access. You can set it up such that the file/folder doesn’t even exist to anyone without authorization.


In certain scenarios, a document needs to go through a series of approvals before being greenlit for publication. Especially in situations involving any kind of financial commitments or offerings. After drafting a proposal, you can ask for the CFO and CEO’s approval on your progress/checkpoints. Folderit lets you give approval in alignment with your company’s hierarchical structure, you could get this approval from everyone at the same time, or in an heirarchy. 

Editing Tools

With Microsoft Office 365 integration, Folderit lets you collaborate like never before. A separate Microsoft Office 365 Subscription will be required for this. Microsoft Office 365 allows users to collaborate live on a document, where each user gets a color-coded cursor, telling other collaborators exactly which sections they are on. This can be done both in-app, or online with Folderit managing permissions at the backend. 

You can work on Microsoft Word for written documents, Microsoft Excel for sheets, calculations, and so on, or Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations with all of Folderit’s capabilities. 

You can save and edit files directly from your Folderit server without having to rely on a different storage/server.

Secure Environment 

Some companies require a degree of control over their content through privacy, or security. Folderit is kept safe behind a 256-bit bank-level encryption, and any data sent or received is encrypted through SSL. You can also set your own custom password policy for your team. This keeps you safe against any unauthorized access. 

You can configure your documents to retain versions. Folderit also maintains an audit trail that keeps track of which user last accessed which document at what time. This ensures for complete accountability without interfering with the workflow. 


Folderit supports unified metadata that persists throughout any version changes. Folderit also permits OCR enabled search to easily sift through a sea of documents. You can configure retention durations on your files and folders such that they cease to exist after a certain amount of time has passed, this is critical for legal operations. Folderit is very practical for business operations, and it is moreso for collaborative workflows.