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Types of Document Management Systems - Picking the Right One

8 Types of Document Management Systems – Picking the Right One

November 29, 2022
Mari Laatre,

Nowadays, one of the key things an organization can do to improve its business processes is to get a document management system. There are still a plethora of issues with physical paper records, they can be damaged, lost, stolen, etc.

How to choose a document management system

August 24, 2022
Mari Laatre,

Companies thrive on data. The more organized the data, the more efficient the workflow. With rapidly increasing remote workforces, many firms to hunt for a sustainable document management system.

Cloud Storage for Scanned Documents

Best Cloud Storage for Scanned Documents

May 2, 2022
Mari Laatre,

Businesses require data to learn, improve, and grow. Data can take many forms, digital, physical, or even verbal. Historically, corporations rely on storing physical copies, a trend that persists in some organizations.

4 Reasons for Startups to Adopt a Document Management System

March 21, 2022
Mari Laatre,

With so much going on at startups, like figuring out the office floor plan, document management does not always take precedence. This is because companies are still learning as they grow. Below are compelling reasons to implement a document management system at your startup.

Man holding documents with metadata virtually

Metadata in Document Management System

January 24, 2022
Mari Laatre,

A document management system is the next step in being a responsible and conscientious user. No matter how meticulously, or elegantly you store your information, you are still going to be bound by your operating system in how quickly you can locate items on your storage.

Carbon neutral company

How to make your company carbon neutral

November 9, 2021
Mari Laatre,

Being Carbon neutral means that any amount of CO2 one entity releases into the atmosphere must be balanced out by some other activity that takes away CO2 from the atmosphere, the net result is carbon neutrality.

How to improve document control process

September 15, 2021
Mari Laatre,

Any companies dealing with large volumes of data will attest to the fact that improper document control processes can needlessly add several degrees of complexity to the documentation process.

How to Use Cloud Storage for Business

May 19, 2021
Mari Laatre,

Small businesses around the world now have easy and ubiquitous access to high-speed internet. These are the only prerequisites of cloud computing.

Document control for construction management

Document control for construction management

April 27, 2021
Mari Laatre,

Project management of any kind relies heavily on the smooth flow of technical documents, contracts, manuals, plans, designs, and any other similar documents.

Best cloud storage for lawyers

Best cloud storage for lawyers

March 22, 2021
Mari Laatre,

Precise documentation can make the difference between winning and losing cases. Large firms can afford to create proprietary software on dedicated servers, meanwhile small to medium sized firms have to rely on antiquated systems to accomplish this task.