A business document is an umbrella term used to denote any type of information worth archiving at an office. These documents may or may not be voluminous, but they certainly are critical.

If there is a central repository for business documents, it saves the company time and money. Folderit provides you with a robust, yet versatile document management platform to accomplish exactly that.

Secure central repository for business documents

Relying on different platforms instead of a central repository for business documents exposes you to security risk, especially when trying to manage who has access to the file and what interaction they had with it. 

With Folderit, your storage is protected under a bank-level 256-bit encryption, and online file transfers are secured by SSL encryption. Folderit keeps your documents safe and free from unauthorized interactions. Folderit adds another level of safety by keeping audit-trail logs i.e. a log of which users have accessed which file and when. That way, you have control over your documents. To protect your data, Folderit has a triple backup policy so you don’t risk losing your data to any calamity. 

Permission management

A business document is always owned by an employee, ownership here means that person is responsible for these documents for managing, updating, verifying etc. Some of these documents could be sensitive in nature and not meant for everyone’s eyes. Documents such as:  

  • Legal documents
  • HR documents
  • Financial reports
  • Training manuals
  • Personnel files
  • Memos
  • Emails

Within the company, Folderit lets you configure permissions. You can grant users, or user groups varying degrees of access. This way you can block access to sensitive content from unauthorized users. In some situations, however, other stakeholders might want to keep an eye on the document without modifying it. Those users can get read-only access. This also works for announcements, schedules, and minutes of meetings, etc. This comes in handy in scenarios where, say the CEO needs to see financial figures. The finance department retains complete control, but the CEO has viewing access.

Free of Complexity

The biggest advantage to a central repository for business documents, is that you no longer need to keep track of long email chains, or WhatsApp groups, etc. Everything is tied up in a neat package for easy access.

Another advantage of being complexity-free is platform independence. Your teams are free of geographical bounds as well. All you need is a web-enabled device with a working internet connection, and you are just as connected from a smartphone as you are from a powerful workstation and every other variant in between.

Also, for companies that handle large file clusters like big-data analytics or creative agencies, you can upload a single file size up to 90GB. You don’t have to worry about the host breaking larger files into chunks, transferring them online and then reassembling at the client-end anymore. 

The best rationale for reduced complexity is the search capability. You don’t have to squander time in organizing folder structures and marking files, just add metadata and the OCR-enabled search will track down your content for you. This means even if your document isn’t editable, like an image, scan, PDF, etc. you can still find specific files on your system. 

Respecting the Workflow

Folderit is flexible to how you want to work. If you have a mechanism in place that requires multiple levels of approvals, like government contracts. Folderit has an approval mechanism that lets you get approval either in serial (in a hierarchy, one after the other) or in parallel (in any order at any time). Folderit also grants you access to unified metadata throughout your files. That way if you are working on a file through multiple versions, the same metadata will carry through and you don’t have to worry about it with each iteration. 


Anytime you trust a free platform to manage your files for you, you are trusting them with your entire company’s well-being. You also have performance trade-offs and are limited to whatever the platform wants. With Folderit, you can work on and operate your business documents on your own terms.

Go ahead and try Folderit as your central repository of business documents for free! Start here.