Document management system for small business

Why Choose an Cloud Document Management System?

Avatar August 26, 2015
Donna Tallman,

It’s easy to see why a digital document management system beats the traditional paper system.  Spending even one day chasing down a misplaced or misfiled page, photocopying, filing, delivering to the entire team, or trying to recover documents lost in a fire or flood would be persuasive enough to cause most people to make the […]

how to choose document management system DMS

How to Choose a Document Management System

Kent August 26, 2015

You’re convinced that a document management system is the best way to go for your business, but how do you go about finding the right one? Surprisingly, it isn’t always about which one has the most to offer! You see, sometimes bigger is not better.  In the case of choosing a document management system, “simple” […]

what is document management for small business

What is Document Management

Avatar August 26, 2015
Donna Tallman,

The Business Dictionary defines document management as the control and coordination of all the processes involved in the flow of paper and electronic documents to ensure that the authorized personnel has a secure and efficient access to the documents whenever the need arises. The processes involved in the flow of a document include document capture, […]