Ever felt like you’re spending way too much time navigating a labyrinth of folders and files? Or maybe you’ve spent hours searching for that elusive document your team swore was in the shared drive.

If this sounds like your day-to-day operations, your business might be crying out for a document management system (DMS). But let’s dive in and see if these signs of a DMS deficiency ring a bell:

1. Search Parties Are Becoming Routine

McKinsey research found that knowledge workers spend 19% of their time searching for information. If your team is spending more time on scavenger hunts than actual work, it’s time for a DMS. Folderit’s advanced search capabilities can turn that 19% into extra productivity.

2. Too Many Twins: Duplicate Document Names

Have you ever found a document, only to realize it’s a duplicate of another with a different name? If you answered yes, that’s another sign pointing towards a DMS. Folderit eliminates the ‘twin problem’ with efficient naming conventions and advanced search capabilities.

3. Your File Security Is More Porous Than Swiss Cheese

Data loss can hit your business harder than a heavyweight champion. If your file security has more holes than Swiss cheese, it’s high time you invested in a DMS. Folderit provides robust security measures to ensure your files are safe and sound.

4. You’ve Lost Control of Version Control

We’ve all been there. A file is duplicated for edits, then suddenly, there are six versions of the same document, and no one knows which is the most recent. If you’ve found yourself in this version of a horror movie, it’s another sign your business needs a DMS.

5. An Avalanche of Files and Formats

As your business expands, so does your collection of documents. It’s like owning too many socks with different patterns and colors. Suddenly, you have a mountain of documents in varying formats and a big question: how to manage it all? This scenario is another red flag signaling the need for a DMS.

6. Access Management Feels Like a Game of Whack-a-Mole

It’s not about playing favorites, but sometimes you need to limit who sees what. If your current system feels like you’re trying to whack moles with a blindfold, then it’s time for a DMS. With Folderit, you get refined controls for managing user access, ensuring the right people have the right documents.

7. You’re Lost in Folders

Think of your folders as a sprawling city. Sure, you might have started with a well-planned grid, but as your business grows, it can become a confusing mess of back alleys and dead ends. When you can’t remember the path to that essential document, it’s a clear sign you need a DMS like Folderit. With Folderit, you can wave goodbye to your folder labyrinth and hello to a smooth, navigable document management system.

8. Bottlenecks Are Part of Your Daily Operations

Bottlenecks should be for wine, not your workflow. If your document access and management are stalling productivity, you’ve got another sign it’s time for a DMS. Folderit’s user-friendly interface and seamless workflow can uncork your operations and get things flowing smoothly again.

9. Seeing Double: File Duplication

Seeing double isn’t just an optical illusion, it’s a common business problem. File duplication can clog up your systems faster than a hairball in a drain. If you’re seeing double, it’s time for a DMS to streamline your operations.

10. Flexibility Is Just a Dream

Is scaling your operations feeling like climbing Everest? If changing document access for different locations or teams is more of a nightmare than a dream, then you need a DMS. With Folderit, scaling is as easy as a walk in the park.

The Verdict

If you’ve been nodding along to these signs, then your business is crying out for a document management system. A DMS like Folderit can eliminate these pain points, providing a secure, flexible, and efficient way to manage your documents. So why wait? Give your business the upgrade it needs and dive into the world of effective document management with Folderit. Remember, it’s not just about getting a DMS—it’s about getting the right one.

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