Have you ever felt the thrill of discovering a hidden feature in your favorite app? That little “aha!” moment when you realize your workflow just got ten times easier?

Well, brace yourself, because Folderit is rolling out not one, not two, but TEN game-changing updates. Whether you’re a seasoned Folderit veteran or a newbie on the block, these enhancements are set to revolutionize your document management experience.

1. Okta & Active Directory SSO: A Seamless Sign-In Experience

Folderit understands the pain of juggling multiple passwords. Enter the new integration with Azure Active Directory (now Entra ID) and OKTA. If your organization uses these platforms for centralized user management, the transition is a breeze. With this integration, users can enjoy a seamless sign-in experience, enhancing security and efficiency.

2. Acknowledgement Workflow: Because Being Seen Matters

Ever felt the anxiety of sending out a crucial document and being met with…silence? The new Acknowledgement Workflow is here to save the day. Unlike the traditional approval workflow, this feature offers a clear ‘Acknowledged’ button, perfect for ISO compliance or when you need confirmation that your team has seen key instructions. Plus, with built-in audit trails, you can track acknowledgments with ease.

3. Group Power in Workflows: Efficiency Redefined

Setting up workflows can be a chore, especially when dealing with a large group. But with the ability to add an entire group of users in one go, this process just got a major upgrade. Whether you’re sending a document for signatures, approvals, or acknowledgments, this feature ensures that no one is left out.

4. A Dashboard That Truly Reflects Your Needs

The revamped user dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of your tasks. From viewing documents awaiting your approval to tracking the status of documents you’ve sent out, this dashboard ensures you’re always in the know.

Metadata isn’t just for files anymore. With the ability to add custom metadata to folders, organization and search capabilities are enhanced. Whether it’s tags, notes, or due dates, this feature ensures that everything is at your fingertips.

6. Cross-Linking Resources: The Ultimate Interconnectivity

Folderit’s expanded linking functionality is a game-changer. Previously, linking was limited to files. Now, any resource can be linked to any other, be it files, folders, or external links. This interconnected environment ensures that your resources are not just stored but are also meaningfully connected, enhancing navigation and reference.

With the extended reminder feature, not only can you set reminders for files, but also for external links. Imagine having a survey link stored in your DMS and being able to set a reminder for specific users or groups to complete it. It’s all about ensuring tasks are timely addressed and nothing slips through the cracks.

8. Revamped Document Numbering: Organized Like Never Before

The updated document numbering scheme now includes a dynamic element – the Parent number. This allows for a more organized and intuitive numbering system, especially when folders themselves can be treated as single documents composed of various files.

When setting up a workflow, the ability to control the visibility of related items and a document’s metadata for approvers can be invaluable. By linking supporting documents or evidence to the main document under review, approvers get a comprehensive view, leading to more informed decision-making.

10. “Creator” in Folder View Column: Know Who’s Behind the Magic

Ever wondered who uploaded a particular file? With the new ‘Creator’ parameter in the folder view, identifying the original uploader is a breeze. No more sifting through audit trails; the information is right there in front of you.

Special Mentions: Diving Deeper into Folderit’s Features

MAKE Integration for Automation:

Folderit’s integration with MAKE allows users to design, build, and automate workflows. Whether it’s automating document approvals or streamlining data entry processes, with MAKE’s no-code toolkit, the possibilities are vast. This integration ensures that Folderit isn’t just a place to store documents but a platform to optimize and automate your document-related tasks.

DocuSign e-Signature Integration:

In today’s digital age, physical signatures can be a bottleneck. Folderit’s integration with DocuSign ensures that documents can be signed digitally, speeding up processes like approvals and agreements. This feature is especially crucial for businesses operating remotely or with stakeholders spread across different locations.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration:

The ability to create or edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files directly within Folderit is a testament to its versatility. Users don’t need to juggle between applications; everything can be done within the Folderit ecosystem, with changes saved automatically back to your account.

256-bit SSL Encryption and Amazon S3 Protocol:

Security is paramount in any DMS. Folderit employs 256-bit SSL encryption, ensuring that data in transit is secure. Additionally, with the Amazon S3 Protocol, data at rest is safeguarded, offering robust protection against potential breaches.

Custom Metadata:

Beyond just storing documents, understanding them is crucial. With Folderit’s custom metadata feature, users can add specific tags, notes, or custom fields to documents. This not only enhances search capabilities but also ensures that documents can be categorized and understood at a glance.

Advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition):

Searching for documents based on their content rather than just their titles is a game-changer. Folderit’s advanced OCR ensures that the content within documents, even if they’re scanned images, is indexed. This means a search for a specific phrase or term will pull up documents containing that term, even if it’s not in the title.

Triple Backups and Two-Factor Authentication:

Data reliability is ensured with backups in three separate locations. And for those concerned about access security, two-factor authentication provides an added layer of protection, requiring a unique code sent to your mobile phone for system access.

Resource Linking and Enterprise Search:

The ability to link resources within the system and the power to search using multiple parameters, from phrases to custom metadata, ensures that users can quickly find and connect the information they need.

Folderit: Revolutionizing Document Management for the Future

In essence, Folderit isn’t just a document management system; it’s a comprehensive platform designed to streamline, secure, and enhance the way businesses handle their documents. With features tailored to modern business needs, it’s no wonder Folderit is a preferred choice for many.

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