Electronic digital filing cabinet
Electronic digital filing cabinet

Nothing says “Business environment” like lined up filing cabinets. They have become so synonymous with the workplace that films and animation use their mere presence to denote a workspace. However, the modern era has no room for cumbersome paper-based filing or cabinets. We turn to Folderit to serve as an electronic/digital filing cabinet for our business’s filing needs.

Electronic Filing Cabinets are Safe and Secure

A physical cabinet, or even a physical digital cabinet is subject to external influences. Your flexibility is directly tied with the well-being and availability of the device you are storing content on. If something unforeseen were to happen to your device, like natural disasters, or physical damage then you’ve no choice but to watch it happen. However, storing data on a cloud grants you immunity from such concerns.

Folderit’s electronic filing cabinets are secure and safe, and not just any run-of-the-mill secure either, they are protected by bank-level security. A 256-bit encryption protects your content from unauthorized access. Any files going in and out of your storage are encrypted using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Your documents are digitally secured where they are stored, minimizing any risks of security breach during any file transfers. To top it off, Folderit also keeps a triple back up of all your data in remote regions to ensure no calamities engulf your data in any way.

Electronic filing cabinets are simpler

Searching for files in digital cabinets can be tedious, especially in large scale storage. Simply crawling through file names is insufficient in finding you the right file. Folderit bypasses this conflict by adding metadata, custom metadata as well as optical character recognition (OCR) to search through read-only content such as scanned images, pages, PDFs, photographs, etc. Through this you can:

  • Find files/folders accurately
  • Find files/folders quickly
  • Avoid having to search for the content physically/manually


Creating a document follows an entire process where a series of decisions necessitates said document’s existence. Some documents are meant for the public while other documents can be sensitive in nature, such as those pertaining to HR, legal, and finances. Folderit lets you align all your content with your company’s privacy goals. 

Folderit lets you grant users, or user groups different degrees of access to files and folders within your system. If you want to limit its viewing access to yourself and/or whomever is working on the document, Folderit lets you do that. You can even configure it to lock documents to a single user, where everyone else will be told that a user is working on this file and is not accessible by anyone else. You can also use Folderit to configure your documents such that while you’re working on them, a read-only version can be viewed online by either everyone or a select few people. 

This also ties in to how Folderit allows users to collaborate on one or multiple documents. If your users have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, Folderit lets you collaborate on MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint as you natively would. You can configure version control on certain files such that all changes are backed up in a separate file, all these versions retain unified metadata. That way you can operate with the comforting knowledge that no modification is permanent and you can revert to its original state whenever you want, without having to replicate the metadata (as it is unified throughout all versions). 

On top of all that, Folderit supports mechanisms to get approvals on your files and folders either for documents in parallel (all at once) or in series (in a sequence of your designation). This allows implementation of your company’s hierarchy policies.


Digital filing cabinets are designed to give users immediate access to the entire content library, but nothing online is ever that simple. However, it should be. Folderit is flexible to suit your official needs to keep things simple. 

Folderit works on any web-enabled device with a working internet connection from anywhere in the world. You can operate from a powerful supercomputer, or an average smartphone and you’ll experience the same level of service.  

Going digital keeps you from the complexity of managing multiple platforms. Start your free trial here: https://my.folderit.com/signup/