The ability for businesses to sign documents electronically has transformed from a luxury to a necessity. While DocuSign has become synonymous with eSignatures, its pricing model can be prohibitive for small businesses, particularly those in developing regions. The good news is that the market is rich with alternatives, each offering unique benefits and price points tailored to different business needs.

Top DocuSign Alternatives for Small Businesses

  1. Folderit eSign: Leading the charge as a premier DocuSign alternative, Folderit eSign distinguishes itself with its seamless integration into Folderit’s acclaimed document management system. This integration offers businesses a comprehensive platform for not just eSigning but managing documents in a secure, efficient, and streamlined manner. Designed with small businesses in mind, Folderit eSign provides an affordable, user-friendly, and highly secure solution that supports various industries and needs.
  2. OneSpan Sign: Targets enterprises requiring high security and compliance levels, offering features like advanced authentication and mobile app integration. Pricing begins at $22 per user/month, making it accessible for small to mid-sized businesses.
  3. SignRequest: Known for its simplicity and effectiveness, SignRequest offers an intuitive interface and integration with popular tools like Google Workspace. It’s an excellent option for businesses looking for efficiency at a starting price of $9 per user/month.
  4. Xodo Sign (formerly eversign): This platform caters to users looking for flexibility, offering features like PDF annotation and offline access, with plans starting at $7.99 per user/month.
  5. Foxit eSign: Offers full document automation and secure storage, emphasizing its bulk signing feature. Ideal for businesses with high-volume signing needs, starting at $8 per user/month.
  6. CocoSign: Stands out for its affordability and ease of use, offering a free plan for up to three documents monthly and paid plans starting from $12/month.
  7. pdfFiller: A part of airSlate Business Cloud, providing a comprehensive PDF management solution that goes beyond eSigning. It’s ideal for businesses that also require document editing and management capabilities.
  8. PandaDoc: Offers a document management platform with eSignature capabilities, making it suitable for sales teams with its rich template library and CRM integrations. Pricing starts at $19 per user/month.
  9. Dropbox Sign (formerly HelloSign): Focuses on simplicity and integration with Dropbox, offering a user-friendly platform for document signing at $15 per user/month.
  10. SignNow: Provides a broad set of features including document storage and team collaboration tools, with plans starting at $8 per user/month.
  11. Adobe Sign: Integrates deeply with other Adobe products, offering powerful features for document management and signing. Its pricing is competitive, with plans tailored to various business sizes.
  12. Zoho Sign: Part of the Zoho ecosystem, this tool is designed for businesses already using Zoho products, offering seamless integration and automation capabilities.
  13. DottedSign: Offers a straightforward and secure way to manage eSignatures, featuring SMS authentication and custom settings for a more personalized experience.
  14. Signable: A UK-based solution that caters to European businesses, emphasizing compliance with EU regulations and offering a straightforward, user-friendly platform.
  15. SignEasy: Offers a straightforward and intuitive platform for signing documents on any device. Pricing begins at $10 per month for the Essential plan, with a free trial for new users.

The Folderit eSign Advantage

Integrated Document Management: Unlike standalone eSignature solutions, Folderit eSign is part of a comprehensive document management system (DMS) and is free with its DMS’s Tailor Pricing Plan. This integration allows businesses to manage the lifecycle of their documents—from creation and storage to eSigning and archiving—all within a single platform. This seamless integration significantly reduces the complexity and time involved in document handling, streamlining operations and improving productivity.

Cost-Effectiveness for Small Businesses: Folderit understands the financial constraints small businesses often face. Consequently, Folderit eSign is added to provide an accessible, budget-friendly alternative without compromising on the essential features businesses need to manage their documents securely and efficiently, especially for businesses looking for cheaper than DocuSign alternatives. This focus on affordability makes it an attractive option for small businesses, especially those in regions where every dollar saved is crucial.

Ease of Use: The Folderit eSign platform is designed with the end-user in mind, ensuring a straightforward, intuitive interface that requires minimal training. This user-friendliness extends to setting up workflows, sending documents for signatures, and tracking document status. Small businesses, often lacking dedicated IT support, will find Folderit eSign’s simplicity reduces the barrier to adopting digital document management practices.

Robust Security and Compliance: With growing concerns over data breaches and compliance with regulations like GDPR, small businesses need an eSignature solution that prioritizes security. Folderit offers robust encryption, secure access controls, and compliance features that ensure businesses’ documents are protected against unauthorized access and compliance requirements are met.

Scalability: As small businesses grow, their document management needs evolve. Folderit eSign is designed to scale alongside your business, accommodating increasing volumes of documents and more complex workflows without necessitating a switch to another platform. This scalability ensures that businesses can continue to use Folderit eSign without interruption or the need to learn a new system.

Why Folderit eSign is the Optimal Choice

When compared to other DocuSign alternatives, Folderit eSign’s integration with a DMS sets it apart as not just an eSignature tool but a comprehensive document management solution. For small businesses seeking to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and ensure the security of their documents, Folderit eSign offers an unmatched value proposition.

Moreover, Folderit’s commitment to providing exceptional customer support ensures that businesses can navigate the transition to digital document management smoothly and efficiently. With Folderit eSign, small businesses have a partner in digital transformation, ready to support their growth and success in an increasingly competitive and digital world.


While there are many DocuSign alternatives available, Folderit eSign stands out for its holistic approach to document management. It combines affordability, ease of use, and robust security with the convenience of an integrated DMS, making it an ideal choice for small businesses looking to streamline their document processes. In the quest for the best DocuSign alternative, Folderit eSign emerges as a leader, especially for those prioritizing an all-in-one platform tool and solution.

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