Early humans invented writing to ensure that food sources were archived and utilized efficiently. That could very well be humanity’s greatest achievement as entire economies are built and tracked on proper documentation.

Which brings us to the overwhelming challenge of managing a business’ documents, organizing them and storing them securely. To that end Folderit is a Document Repository that functions as a part of document management system that provides an easy and secure way to store your documents in a centralized location.

What is a document repository?

Simply put, it is a storage space that can be accessed by any and all approved users in your system. Certain users are granted admin rights and controls who then implement the access hierarchy for the company. While there is no worldwide consensus on which document management systems (DMS) methodology is the best, it is generally accepted that a system needs to be fast, easy to use, easy to access and free of complexity. Which gives us a good goal to achieve, while granting freedom in how to achieve it.

Why use a document repository?

  • It is a safe, secure, and reliable space to store your documents.
  • Helps you reduce the amount of storage space/locations needed.
  • Makes backups and recovery easy.
  • Reduces chances of data-loss to human error.
  • Keeps sensitive information secure.
  • Offers centralized access to documents.


Security is the highest priority in a DMS. This is because sensitive data accounts for 16.2% of all the files uploaded to the cloud. This data can take the form of:

  • Personal information (Home addresses, contact information, national identification, passports, etc.)
  • Secure health information (patient data, medical information, prescriptions, etc.)
  • Financial data (credit card numbers, bank details, etc.)
  • Private data (business plans, secret documents, images, etc.)

To keep this data private and secure, one needs a highly secure solution like Folderit. Protected under 256-bit bank-level encryption, Folderit can keep your content secure from any unauthorized access by even the most advanced of super computers. Additionally, all content going in and out of the system is protected by SSL encryption. 

This way, your user access policy becomes an impenetrable wall between your content and any unwanted eyes. Users can be granted varying degrees of access, from complete, to partial, to view-only, to none. There exists no way to bypass these restrictions. 


Folderit is safe, that much is certain. However, that security does not come at the cost of functionality to your document repository. Folderit lets you access your files as efficiently as possible, starting with OCR enabled search that lets you read not only the file names, metadata, but also read-only content like images, PDFs, scans, etc. You can also create associated files, that lets you connect multiple files with each other. This way you only need to track down a single file and the remaining collect on their own. 

Folderit also keeps audit trails, that help you keep track of which user accessed which of your files and when. Also, you can configure it such that only one user can access one file at a time while locking out other users. 

On the subject of collaboration, Folderit allows for you to collaborate using Microsoft Office 365 (separate subscription required) enabling you to get the best of both platforms.

Automatic Approvals

Documents are best stored on a cloud in a way that they can be accessed and worked on just as easily as a file on your own computer’s desktop. If you need to process a document and have it approved automatically.

This is especially useful for invoices, vacation applications, building plans, or any document that needs approval one by one or, all-at-once by several people. People can send their approval; add comments and you can even keep track of approvals within the approval workflow.

You can also configure Folderit to retain files and/or folders over a certain period of time, i.e. days, weeks, months, or even years. This is especially useful for legal proceedings. 


Rather than rely on a combination of free solutions that are either inefficient, insecure, rigid, and/or, needlessly complicated, you need a document management solution that addresses all your documentation needs in a single solution. 

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