If you have experience dealing with government red tapes, long waiting lines and persnickety paperwork, then you understand full-well how annoying it can be to get a building plan approved. Everything takes ages to put together while even the slightest of oversight can undo all your hard work and you have to start all over again. Having to wait with other people in close proximity is a health hazard as-is, coupled with filling out the appropriate forms, waiting for the right person to be available, and so many other factors turn what should be the simple act of getting a building plan approved into a deeply complex process. With Folderit serving as an automated building plan approval system, the entire complication can be simplified. 

Advantages of an automated building plan approval system

  • Issuing completion certificates online can simplify considerable red tape
  • Granting clearance online can speed up the construction process
  • Building plans can be analyzed in minutes
  • Reports can be generated in a short amount of time also
  • Ease of doing business
  • No wait times
  • Removes the need to visiting physical offices

Reduced Wait Times

Without Folderit’s automated approval system which is an entirely online, cloud-based solution, the time consumed in accomplishing a task traditionally is compounded with every location involved that requires one’s physical presence. 

Just taking away the need for one’s physical presence simplifies the process to very tolerable and practical timelines. Adding efficiency measures as Folderit does, makes it much more effective in automated building plan approval systems. 

With Folderit, you can designate users, or user groups with varying privileges and access rights to various files and folders. There can be a public access folder for forms/paperwork/help files that are supposed to be accessible by the general public. Then there can be files for public viewing, where everyone has read-only access. There can be content with partial privileges, like downloading and uploading completed forms and there can be unlimited access for some users e.g. officials handling documents. Folderit also facilitates versioning, that will allow you to create and restore your documents to any draft you want in a few clicks.  

All this ensures better transparency and faster turnover as a fully online portal will help both the approval authorities as well as their customers an expedited process. 

Remote Access

Firstly, you can rest assured that remote access does not translate to security risks. Folderit is protected by 256-bit bank level encryption, which would take modern computers billions of years to try and hack. To ensure further security, all communication in and out of the system is protected under Secure Socket Layer (SSL). All of that means your content is protected against unauthorized access.

Folderit’s automated building plan approval system is flexible to your remote access needs. All it needs is a web-enabled device and a connection to the internet freeing you from platform, device or operating system constraints. Folderit is just as easy to operate from a high-end PC as it is from an old Android phone. 

Folderit can create a system where citizen can apply for automated building plan approvals from anywhere in the world. All they have to do is upload scanned documents and drawings, as well as proof of fees paid. Then the process utilizes Folderit’s automatic approval system and immediately notifies all relevant people to approve/reject the application. Once a document has been approved and the appropriate authorization/license has been issued, you can download and begin construction.

Folderit keeps all content backed up in triplicate in separate locations, so you know your content is in safe hands. 

Using Folderit’s OCR enabled search that crawls metadata as well as content even in read-only files (like scans, images, PDFs, etc.) you can always rely on the system to trace your documents if they are ever needed.


In parts of the world undergoing rapid urbanization, it is if of the utmost importance that an all-encompassing, affordable, yet flexible solution be made available for the public. This includes an automated building plan approval system that helps people avoid arduous wait times as well as the unpleasantness of having to operate in crowded areas. If we help reduce wait times between approvals, we can help accelerate, maybe even disrupt the entire industry.