Accountability in the court of law is the defining aspect of a civilized society. Proper documentation, or lack thereof, can make or break a case. Having Folderit as your Litigation document management software is critical in ensuring that you have a reliable and secure digital partner for all your documentation needs.

Client Confidentiality

Litigation documentation management system software Folderit interface

Folderit is the best means to ensure attorney-client confidentiality privilege. Any litigation document management software needs to be able to enforce privacy and integrity of a client’s legal documentation. Folderit cloud document management system, with its 256 bit encryption secure data protection and all transfers secured by SSL helps ensure that your documents are protected against any unauthorized access.

Confidentiality does not need to come at the cost of efficiency. Folderit’s permission management, folder privacy and user group structure ensures that you can choose which users gain what level of access to which data. This lets you collaborate with paralegals and any other parties involved by setting open folder permissions for your team, while retaining any other private information to your own login exclusively. 

Always Available

Due to privacy concerns, all legal matters are usually confined within a handful of spaces. Meeting anywhere else could potentially require carrying around thousands of files, elevating the risk associated with physical documents. This can be impractical, especially in cases with large volumes of documents. Bypassing that is easy with Litigation document management software like Folderit, which ensures all your documents are always available via a cloud that ensures 99.97% uptime. 

In court, during hearings, in meetings, or even in lockdown, Folderit will give you access to all your material on any web-enabled device regardless of platform. 

And, if a situation requires for content to be available locally, Folderit lets you download individual files/folders or Folderit can even implement a complete local/offline solution. 


Lawyers need to sift through tremendous amounts of documentation to avoid making mistakes, especially when cases go on for years and years as it could potentially affect people’s lives. The law requires that all legal documents be kept in an archive for both active and closed cases. Legal documents need to be archived very carefully in compliance with the law. 

Physical archiving is subject to certain challenges. The sheer task of sifting through mountains of documents is a known time vortex for law firms around the world. Then there are fire hazards, water damage, physical deterioration, human error and so many other risks. For cases involving appeals or reopening investigations, a loss of physical data, or oversight would be catastrophic.

Folderit helps you keep a secure digital archive that is triple backed up, so you can be certain that the archive will be safe. This litigation document management software is available for any authorized user with a web connection.

With additional features like permission controls, audit trails and versioning, you can implement literally any compliance mechanism for your documents. This way, plaintiffs, defendants, and their lawyers have access to their own folders in a completely secure environment, with each access leaving a traceable audit trail.

Easy Find

In legal matters, data needs to be as easy to find as it is to store. That is why Folderit’s advanced search algorithm helps sift through large volumes of data. A lot of legal documentation can be in the form of images, scans, or read-only PDF documents. You can add custom metadata such as reference numbers, brief about content, keywords, etc. to your documents and that will enable you to search the document as quickly as possible. On top of all that, the built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) function helps search the actual content of read-only documents and helps you find the right file.

If a document is live and the content is regularly added to it, you can activate versions in case you need to revert to an older one. All metadata is unified and carries through each file version.


Legal representatives are bound to follow the rules of professional responsibility and ethics, they need a secure, reliable system to support their legal needs and make their jobs easier without having to compromise, Folderit helps accomplish all of that.