Cloud Storage for Archiving Documents

The concept of cloud storage is as old as DARPANET in the 60’s. Cloud storage means to store your data in a remote location that can be accessed anywhere. Nobody is a stranger to cloud storage in 2020. It is fast becoming a replacement for offline storage. While some free solutions might be sufficient for backing up a phone or a few GBs of data for personal use, you are limited by the platform. That is why Folderit serves as great cloud storage for archiving documents. 

Reliable access to cloud storage for archiving documents

As a business ages, its archives grow. It stands to reason that those archives will one-day be large enough that they cannot be kept on a physical server. A physical server is reliable as long as it meets the following conditions:

  • It is secure from tampering
  • It is safely backed up somewhere else
  • It can save your data in case of a disaster
  • It is accessible at all times
  • It is accessible from any location

If one can build something that accomplishes all of the above, it would cost a sizeable fortune to keep it functional.

However, with Folderit’s cloud storage for archiving documents, you have all of that, and more. Let’s look at how!

Secure from tampering

There is no point in hiding the greatest treasures behind the flimsiest vaults. Your company’s archives and data are supposed to be protected. A physical server, even if very secure, is one calamity away from critical failure – think power outage, natural disaster, human error, etc.

Folderit protects your storage under a 256-bit bank-level encryption that are safely transferred between terminals using SSL encryption. Additionally, if you have a company-wide password policy pertaining to length and frequency of change, Folderit helps you implement that as well. You are as safe as you want to be. 

Safely backed up and safe from disaster

Keeping a physical backup means relying on multiple storage devices, which increases your exposure to risk of theft, loss, or damage. Or, if you have multiple fully functional servers that are equally secure, then costs skyrocket.

Folderit backs up your content in triplicate, in three different locations. That way, even if something were to happen in one location, you would still have two other backups.

With Folderit, you don’t have to worry about calamity affecting your workflow.  You just focus on what’s important. 

It is accessible at all times

Maintenance breaks, hardware faults, calamities, et al. will cause you to lose access until the matter is resolved. While one can create and manage a schedule for manual labor, one cannot forecast calamity and losing access at random is a dangerous prospect for a business. 

Folderit gives you 99.99% uptime in its cloud storage for archiving documents. That way you can be assured that practically, you will not be affected in any way. 

It is accessible from any location

If you are relying on a physical location, then you either need to trust pre-configured networking solutions for access or create a secondary interface to grant access to other users. This is obviously tedious and limiting.

With Folderit, all you need is a web enabled device and you will have the same access anywhere in the world, whether it be on a smartphone in New Zealand or a workstation in Arkansas. 

More than cloud storage for archiving documents

Folderit accomplishes all of the above and then some. It features permission management that lets you control how much of your content is accessible by which users, something that is impossible with physical storage (either they have the entire storage or none of it). You can get approvals directly on your files from stakeholders either all at once, or one-by-one. 

Folderit also features versioning to recover lost files. Custom metadata, OCR enabled search, notifications and audit-trails, and automatic retention to keep files on an automatic timer. 

The above are not even expected from a storage solution, yet Folderit provides.


The only way to keep your data safe in the age of widespread accessibility is to supersede the technology of the times. Physical storage might be reliable for a few use-cases, but it is not a viable solution for archiving documents. Folderit’s cloud storage is.