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Cloud Document Storage

Cloud Document Storage

May 9, 2018
Mari Laatre,

Cloud Document Storage for Your Business If you have a business, you should have document management with cloud document storage. Even small contractors, such as youngsters who mow lawns in summer for a little extra cash, will find that their profits will benefit from keeping track of jobs done, schedules of jobs to be done, […]

Choosing Business Software Folderit

6 Things to Keep in Mind
When Choosing Business Software

February 3, 2018

There are three key questions to ask when choosing software: Will it save me money? Will it make my job easier? Will it be cost-effective in the long term? To determine the answer to these questions, you might ask yourself why it is that you are considering the software.

Test Winner - Folderit Named the Most User-Friendly DMS

Test Winner: Folderit Named the Most User-Friendly DMS

October 28, 2017

The world’s biggest software catalogue Capterra has been meticulously testing and reviewing different document management software and chosen Folderit as the most user-friendly document management system of them all. From among ~500 software! In addition to being better than other well-known document management systems, Folderit was found to be better than all tested cloud storage providers. Folderit […]

SaaS Infographic Article

SaaS Infographic: How SaaS Works and Saves Costs

November 23, 2016

SaaS infographic that explains it all! Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is well-proven by numerous research papers to save a lot of money, time and effort on installing, maintaining and upgrading your software. So instead of paying huge amounts of money upfront and keep paying for the maintenance and new versions — and repeating it all when your business needs […]

How to Save Money With SaaS Software as a Service

How to Save Money With SaaS Software as a Service

October 27, 2016

Having an excellent IT infrastructure translates often into more efficient business. However, there has been a long-standing debate about which is the most cost-effective option. Both on-site IT and SaaS cloud systems have their presumed benefits and shortcomings but just recently, a paper was released that finally gave an answer to the question.

Prized Document Management Software

Folderit DMS Software was awarded by FinancesOnline

September 16, 2016
Isabelle Zammit,

We are proud to say FinancesOnline, the experts on B2B software have awarded Folderit with Verified Quality Seal, among with Great User Experience 2016 and Rising Star 2016 awards for the ease-of-use and reliability of our DMS that was reviewed in the best document management software category.