Cloud Document Storage for Your Business

Cloud Storage for Documents

Cloud Storage for Documents

If you have a business, you should have document management with cloud document storage. Even small contractors, such as youngsters who mow lawns in summer for a little extra cash, will find that their profits will benefit from keeping track of jobs done, schedules of jobs to be done, cash received and expenditures. Such a business might eventually grow into having subcontractors or employees, and perhaps even accounts payable as well as accounts receivable. Let’s imagine how such a small, simple business might use document management – especially with cloud document storage – to help grow their business.

Jack and Jill’s Lawn Mowing & Weeding Service

Jack and Jill are brother and sister. They need a summer job because they both have small financial goals that their parents refuse to underwrite. Unlike their youngest sister, Beth, who still receives an allowance for doing chores at home, or their older sister Nan, who is attending community college, they find that their options are limited because of their age – 13 & 15 respectively — and lack of transportation. They arrange with their parents to rent the family’s riding lawn mower and take out a loan from their dad to purchase a trailer. They also get a loan from their mother to purchase paper and ink for the family’s home printer, so they can make flyers to distribute on their local block. Jill uses an old-school planner to set up mowing and weeding appointments, as well as a calendar from the local bank. With some help from Nan, Jill sets up a General Journal to record transactions for their business. 

Growth Brings Change

The next year, Jack and Jill are each a year older. Jill has her learner’s permit for driving a motor vehicle. After looking at hiring options in their local area, they decide to keep their small business and persuade Nan, who has taken the summer off, to provide transportation and to take up the bookkeeping. Nan proves to be a good business manager for the fledgling company, as well as chauffeur, and they expand their work area. They even hire Beth to help with weeding and detail work because that area is getting to be more extensive than Jill can handle on her own. Nan has an aging laptop that she donates to the business so that their books can be kept on a spreadsheet, making it easier to track just about everything. 

Third Year

Jill is eighteen, Jack is sixteen. Jill takes up part of the driving, Nan continues to handle their bookkeeping, and the business expands a little more because Nan’s fiancé has a chainsaw and understands tree trimming. They all take classes in tree care at the local community college, adding the cost of training as a business expense, and they add tree trimming to their services. Their mom assists them in opening a business account at the local bank. Beth has brought in a school chum who loves flowers, and the little business now has two regular employees. Nan is going to be going to a four-year college in the fall and is worried about communication once she has moved into the dorm. Not only that, Jill will be starting classes at the community college, Jack will be on the basketball team and their tree trimming and general lawn clean-up have expanded to snow clearance and grocery delivery. The business is growing, and Nan’s fiancé, Tom, who is pursuing a major in agriculture with a minor in business suggests renting a cloud document management service, such as Folderit to keep them all in touch during their busiest months.

Cloud Document Storage Management Services

Cloud document management services prove to be a major boon to the young entrepreneurs. Nan continues to do the lion’s share of the record keeping, but Beth and Jack can easily enter their transactions as they occur. Documents needing signatures are easily tracked, and scheduling is a breeze. The youngsters bring in a friend of Jack’s to help with some of the heavier work. Keeping up with school while running a thriving business? They make use of their business’s option for private accounts to store and track school work as well as their business activities!