Managing multiple versions of documents is a common challenge in today’s fast-paced business environment. Document version control is essential for maintaining organization, preventing errors, and ensuring consistency across teams.

The Importance of Document Version Control

Document version control is crucial for managing the lifecycle of documents, tracking changes, and avoiding confusion caused by multiple versions of the same file. Effective version control practices can also help organizations meet regulatory requirements and protect sensitive information.

Best Practices for Document Version Control in a DMS

Implementing the following best practices for document version control in a DMS, such as Folderit, can help organizations optimize their document management processes:

  1. Establish Clear Naming Conventions

Creating a standardized naming convention for document versions is vital for maintaining organization and preventing confusion. A consistent naming scheme can include elements like document title, version number, and date of creation or modification. This consistency makes it easier for team members to locate and identify the correct version of a document.

  1. Limit Editing Access

To ensure that document edits are made only by authorized personnel, it’s essential to limit editing access to specific team members. Folderit’s DMS allows you to set custom permissions, ensuring that only those with the appropriate access can modify documents.

  1. Track Changes and Maintain an Edit History

A comprehensive edit history is vital for tracking changes and identifying the source of any discrepancies in a document. Folderit’s DMS automatically maintains a version history, allowing you to see when changes were made and by whom. This feature ensures that you can quickly identify and address any issues or discrepancies.

  1. Implement a Review and Approval Process

Establishing a review and approval process for document edits can help maintain consistency and accuracy across different versions. Folderit’s DMS enables you to create custom approval workflows, ensuring that all changes are reviewed and approved by the appropriate team members before they become part of the official document.

  1. Store All Versions Centrally and Securely

Storing all versions of a document in a central, secure location is essential for maintaining organization and ensuring that the latest version is easily accessible to all team members. Folderit’s cloud-based DMS allows you to store and manage all document versions securely and remotely, making it easy for authorized team members to access the files they need.

  1. Archive Older Versions

Archiving older versions of documents can help maintain organization and ensure that outdated information is not accidentally used. Folderit’s DMS allows you to archive older document versions, preventing confusion and reducing clutter in your document management system.

  1. Train Team Members on Document Version Control Practices

Ensuring that all team members understand and follow document version control best practices is crucial for maintaining consistency across your organization. Regular training and communication can help ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to managing document versions.

Streamline Document Version Control with Folderit’s DMS

Implementing these best practices for document version control in a DMS can significantly improve your organization’s efficiency, reduce errors, and ensure consistent collaboration across teams. Folderit’s document management system offers a robust and user-friendly platform to help you implement these practices and streamline your document management processes.

By leveraging Folderit’s DMS and following these best practices, your organization can enjoy the benefits of effective document version control, including better organization, improved accuracy, and enhanced security.


Effective document version control is essential for modern businesses, and adopting a document management system like Folderit can make this process much more manageable. By following the best practices outlined in this article, your organization can ensure that document versions are well-organized, secure, and easily accessible to authorized team members. Embrace the power of Folderit’s DMS and optimize your document version control processes today.

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